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JT Racing Gear

JT Racing combos

JT Racing is available at BTO Sports! Bring back the glory days with the new JT Racing Gear and look fresh on the track this riding season.

JT Racing

JT Racing

BTO Sports is proud to announce that we offer the new JT Racing gear to our customers. This gear is awesome for various reasons and after falling off the bandwagon back in the early 2000’s, JT Racing has jumpstarted its way back into the world of motocross.

JT Racing began as John and Rita Gregory selling socks to fuel Johns racing expenses back in the 60’s. These socks were used by handfuls of motocross legends like Bob Hurricane Hannah, David Bailey, Jeff ward, Ricky Johnson, in the early stages and JT racing quickly made a name for itself and later had a handful of top tier riders on their team like Donnie Hansen. JT Racing has come back from the depths with a whole new line of motocross gear to show for.

The JT Racing gear is made from some of the highest quality materials to ensure rides have a comfortable and precise fitting motocross jersey and pant. The JT Racing gear combos are one of the most affordable racing gear combos on the market, but look amazing, and feel great. One of their gear combos is the Protek Trophy combo for 2017 and is designed with an anatomical fit to maximize functionality and constructed from premium quality materials for durability.

JT Racing Gear

The line of JT Racing gear combos are priced anywhere from $110.94 all the way up to $229.92 for a pair of riding gear. One of my favorites is the JT Racing Hyperlite Remix combo. This gear looks great and thanks to its concise graphic detail, it does not have those “ in your face “ graphics. The layout of it is sleek, yet attractive and will get the attention of other riders without having the flashy, eye popping colors and design. The subtle layout of these jerseys are great and the retro style of their classic jersey really brings back the essences of what JT Racing was before its fall out in 2001.

BTO Sports supplies some of the best motocross gear on the market to make sure you, the customer and rider, have everything you need to get back on the bike in style this season without breaking the bank. We strive to provide you with everything you need to have a successful ride day and make the most out of your riding season. If you have any questions about your purchase, riding gear, or parts and accessories give us a call and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you!

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