Klim Gear

Klim Motorcycle Gear

Klim motocross gear is one of the global leaders in providing the best in technical gear for moto riders across the world. They have created a line of motocross products that include some of the most advanced gear in the business. Through their motocross accessories, they are able to give riders the best of their products. Klim motocross offers a full line of wearables that motocross enthusiasts love. From hats to T-shirts and jackets, style is tops in all of dirt bike gear. To provide the best in their clothing line, they have worked with riders from the industry to make sure that they understand what the rider truly wants in clothing style. Their Klim dirt bike accessories help to compliment the clothing line and provide the right look for riders.


Klim Gear

Klim gear

Klim dirt bike accessories include neck warmers, socks, boots, and much more, to not only keep the rider in style, but to also to provide comfort and protection on rides. Through these motocross accessories, riders can ride in true comfort so that they can enjoy the sport without feeling the irritation and discomfort that long rides can cause. Klim dirt bike products are created with exacting standards to ensure quality in every piece. They work to provide their customers with the Klim motocross gear that will live up to all of the abuse that riders can put them through and still come out performing better than any other line in the industry. Through Klim dirt bike apparel, extensive testing has taken place to ensure superior quality and craftsmanship.

Klim motocross gear. is sold to riders all over the country. Professionals agree that the Klim motocross line is one that they can count on for stability, quality, and style. Settling for nothing less than perfection, motocross continues to evolve with each new line that comes out. BTO Sports is a proud retailer of Klim dirt bike gear. They work hard to make sure that their customers have the products that they want and the Klim dirt bike line is on the top of the list for many riders. Through a wide variety of Klim dirt bike gear, BTO Sports offers one of the most extensive collections of Klim dirt bike gear on the web. BTO Sports invites you to look through their Klim dirt bike section to find all of the items that you are looking for. They are sure that you will find just the look that you crave, at a better price than you can find anywhere.

KlIM Technical Riding Gear is the global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motor sports apparel for the snowmobile and motorcycle rider. Utilizing the world’s highest technologies in waterproof, breathable, durable and comfortable materials, KLIM builds gear for the most demanding riders. The tougher the terrain, the better off you would be sporting Klim gear. The colder the forecast, the better off you would be putting on a KLIM jacket. Driven by the continual feedback and input from dedicated test pilots and passionate customers, KLIM strives to do one thing above all—improve your riding experience without compromise. We invite you to experience the difference riding in truly Technical Riding Gear from KLIM can make.

Klim Gear

Consistently rated as some of the best gear on the market, Klim has developed a reputation of quality and innovation unmatched in the industry. Their gear sets you up from head to toe, and they leve no stone unturned! Sure, they have pants, jerseys and gloves to start, but they are known for their Klim jackets and outerwear.Add to that an extensive line of base layer and mid layer protection for riders, and you begin to see how Klim gear has achieved their foothold in the industry! And you can find the full line of gear and jackets right here at BTO Sports!

Klim Jackets

Klim Jackets

An everyday Klim jacket or just-in-case, the STOW AWAY is always ready. Redesigned to be the most comfortable GORE WINDSTOPPER® jacket available, the INVERSION battles wind chill with all-new color options and a ultra-durable all-way stretch soft shell fabric. With its highly breathable, wind-blocking construction, it’s a perfect option for outdoor action or simply as a casual piece. The highly anticipated Traverse Jacket is designed specifically for enduro and off-road riders who demand an extremely durable, waterproof and presicely patterned riding jacket. Highly durable GORE-TEX® fabrics protect you from the elements while drawing moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable. Built-in ventilation allows you to adapt to whatever environmental condition you traverse… see what we did there?

Knowing how to care for your Klim gear is essential to a long-lasting value. Take care of your Klim jacket, and it can most often take care of you for life! Here’s a list of the best ways to secure longevity for your gear and jackets. Regular cleaning of your GORE-TEX(r) Outerwear is extremely important to maintain durable waterproofness and supreme breathability. The best rule of thumb as to when you should wash your gear is this: Wash your KLIM GORE-TEX(r) garment whenever the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is no longer effective at beading water on the surface fabric or as soon as your gear looks and smells dirty. While dirt, dust and other contaminants, as well as exhausted DWR, will have little effect on actual waterproof properties and breathability, they can have a tremendous effect on comfort and all-weather performance.

Here's how to wash your Klim gear properly:

MACHINE WASH IN WARM WATER: Use a mild, liquid detergent and run an additional wash/rinse cycle without soap to ensure a complete rinse. Modern detergents contain surfactants that love water and make it wetter (the opposite of DWR’s ambitions). You want to make sure all the detergent residue is out of your garment for maximum performance and solid DWR performance. We recommend liquid detergent because it has less surfactants than other types of detergent.

Dry Completely on Medium Heat: Drying with heat recharges the DWR on the fabric surface. After your GORE-TEX® item is completely dry, we recommend to put it back into the dryer for an extra twenty (20) minutes to guarantee that the DWR is re-activated. DWR is important! Without it, the surface fabric of your gear will “wet-out” faster. You’ll still be dry on the inside (thanks to the GORE-TEX® membrane) but conductive heat loss and comfort can quickly make your day less enjoyable. Water conducts heat 23-times as fast as air. You want DWR to work as long as possible to keep the conductive heat loss to a minimum. DWR is not permanent and will wear off. Drying re-activates it many times but re-applying a DWR treatment is a big step in prolonging comfort.

When to Reapply DWR: After your gear is dry, spray it with water from a bottle or sprinkle some on with your hands. If it beads up and rolls off the gear, you're good-to-go. Go riding! If it soaks in quickly, it's time to re-apply. KLIM and GORE-TEX(r) recommend spray-on DWR treatments like Revivex. This type of DWR is heat-activated. You spray it on your Klim jacket's exterior after the wash cycle and toss it in the dryer like normal. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Wash-in DWR treatments are not recommended as they coat all surfaces with the DWR and can negatively affect comfort and performance.

Dry Cleaning- If professionally dry-cleaned, request clear distilled solvent rinse and spray repellent. Follow manufacturer's instructions. Stain Treatment- Use a pre-wash treatment such as Shout® or Spray 'n Wash®, following its manufacturer's instructions. Rinse well. Ironing- Steam-iron warm, placing a towel or cloth between the Klim Jackets and the iron. No need to iron the garment until it is completely dry. Bleach- No chlorine bleach. It may damage your jacket. Klim has been an industry leader for years, with top of the line outerwear that you can count on time and time again. It’s consistently rated as some of the best gear on the market! And you can find the full line of gear and jackets right here at BTO Sports!

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Klim - Revolt Pullover
Klim - Revolt Pullover

North Wetter

High quality, great fit

Exactly what I was looking for in an enduro, single track pull over. I wear it from the 40's and up. Very wind proof and water resistant, and fits perfectly over armor and compression jackets.
Klim - 2014 F4 ECE Legacy Voltage Helmet

The perfect off-road helmet!

The perfect helmet for long off-road adventures! Super ventilated and keeps my head cool during hot riding weather since the vents are HUGE! This is the lightest helmet I have ever worn and is the most comfortable as well. Vision is never an issue and my 100% Accuri goggles fit in the eye port. I wear it out to the desert, on the motocross track an...
Klim - Traverse Pant
Klim - Traverse Pant

Chuck Diesel

Solid Choice

I commute 190 miles a day on my FJR1300 in the wet Puget Sound Area. It's as claimed, WATERPROOF! It's a solid choice. Spendy, but well worth every penny if you rely on your gear. I wear a suit to work. I simply step into these pants and know my expensive suit pants will be protected & dry! Big bonus, these don't crush my boys.

Klim -- Adrenaline GTX Boot

The Best.

these are the best. any conditions, any weather. never been happier with a pair of footwear.
KLIM - Radium GTX Boot

Warm Feet :)

I am very happy with these boots. They keep my feet warm and are very durable.
KLIM - Tactical Short 2018

Awesome shorts, all day comfort!

Just got these to replace my worn out non armor biking shorts. I wanted to buy a higher quality motorcycle short with armor, and after a couple days of research, I bought these. BTO Sports had the best price, free shipping, and I had them in 2 business days! I ride single track with fast desert racing/riding in the Phoenix,AZ area with A lot of o...