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Best Klim Helmets

Klim motorcycle helmets

BTO Sports has a great selection of Klim helmets. These are some of the best Klim motorcycle Helmets on the market and you can obtain one for a very affordable price. Browse through our selection of Klim motorcycle helmets today!

 Klim motorcycle helmets

Klim Helmets

Klim is a great off-road company that produces some of the best motorcycle helmets on the market. These Klim helmets are equipped with great features, awesome designs, and will fit your head like a glove. The best helmet is the one that fits you perfectly. It can sometimes be a hassle trying on helmets for hours looking for the best fitting one, but at the end of the day, if you are going to be spending hundreds of dollars on motorcycle gear, it better fit perfectly and function at its full potential.

If the helmet does not fit nice and snug on your head and it has a slightly wiggle when you shake your head, or is loose on the top, it is not the right helmet for your head. All heads are shaped differently and so are helmets. That being said, it is extremely important to find the right helmet that is designed to fit the shape of your head. I am only able to wear about three or 4 different helmets; Fly Racing , Fox , Shoei , and Troy Lee Designs . Some of these helmets I must have a smaller size than usual because of the depth of the helmet. Make sure you know exactly what type of helmets will fit you the best and go from there.

Klim Motorcycle Helmets

There is nothing worse than wearing poor fitting motorcycle gear, so why settle for that? Klim produces Klim helmets for motorcycle riders to help build their confidence, and increase their riding experience with every twist of the throttle. They do not just make motorcycle gear, they also make mountain bike, and BMX gear for riders of all ages and skill levels. When getting your new Klim motorcycle helmet, be sure you find the right size! If you are unaware of what size you are, I highly suggest going to a motorcycle store and trying on a handful of helmet brands so you get familiarized with how different each one is.

The differentiations in helmets are unique to the brand, and some brands have similar helmet shaping, depth, and fitment. Like I said earlier, Fox, Troy Lee Designs, and Shoei all have similar shape, depth and fitment which is why I am able to interchange helmets knowing that they will do their job. Get familiar with the brands that fit you the best, and purchasing a Klim helmet will be easier each and every time.

Here at BTO Sports, we strive to make your online shopping experience easy, and quick. We know that you do not want to spend time browsing through endless selection of motocross gear, parts, and accessories to find the right one. So, we have a user friendly search bar, and category links that you are able to use to help define your search. Getting you out of the garage and back on the bike is our main goal, and with our easy to navigate website, you are able to do that. If there is anything you are unable to find, please contact us at 805-777-7601 and we will be happy to assist you.


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