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Lap Timers for dirt bikes

Record lap times, hours, top speed, and more with the Lap timers here at BTOsports.com. We have great deals on lap times like the Trail Tech digital gauges that are on sale for 10% off. These lap timers are designed with great features that make them a must have product for the serious motocross racer.


Dirt Bike Lap Timers

Trail Tech has a seemingly endless selection of lap timers to choose from that have multiple functions and can record a wide variety of data. The Stryker digital gauge is specific for each make and model of dirt bike, and there is also a universal gauge that can be mounted on other off-road vehicles.

These gauges are capable of recording speed, distance, temperature, time and you can switch between these with a remote! The speed setting is able to record, current speed, average speed, and top speed in either MPH or KMPH to help you tune your dirt bike for specific tracks and track conditions. You are also able to see how far you have rode on your bike with the distance data record that has a permanent odometer and an adjustable distance mode. The built-in hour meter allows you to get an accurate reading of how many hours are on the bike, and a ride time with its stop watch function. This digital lap time from Trail Tech is also capable of recording ambient temps, engine temps, and also features a dual programmable temp lights to warn you when temperature level are not optimal.

Trail Tech Lap Timer Features

These Trail Tech Lap Timers have key features that separate them from the competition. These lap timers are compatible with a remote control switch to toggle through data readings, model-specific sensors and custom design kits to ensure a perfect fitment, unlimted phone and email support, and aluminum protectors to help keep it from being damaged, this product from Trail Tech is a must have for those who taking racing and testing seriously. Another cool feature that these lap timers have is that they give you reminders as to when you should change your oil, and do routine maintenance checks on your dirt bike.

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