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Maxima - ProFilter Air Filters (Ready to Use)

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    Maxima - ProFilter Air Filters (Ready to Use)

    Increase your bikes ability to breathe and eliminate the ability of pollutants to entire your dirt bikes engine with the Maxima- Profilter Air Filters. These are top of the line motorcycle air filters that will ensure to have your bike running cleaner and better than the stock air filters, and prohibits rocks, sand, dust, and other debris that will hinder your bikes performance from entering your intake systems. The Maxima-Profilter Air Filters are specifically designed to increase airflow and provide maximum protection for your motorcycles engine. These motocross parts are an easy way to take care of your bikes poor air intake and provide it with a high quality motorcycle air filter. The Maxima-Profilter Air Filters are equipped with a dual stage open cell foam matrix that provides easy installation, and maintenance. These dirt bike parts have a plush 13 mm sealing foam to keep a constant air flow into your bike while prohibiting the entrance of pollutants that will cause detrimental damage to the internal parts of your motorcycle. This is a top of the line motocross accessory that will keep you out of the garage, and back on the track with minimal effort to maintain, and install. The Maxima-Profilter Air Filters come pre-oiled with Maxima FFT so you can install this dirt bike part as soon as its gets in your possession. Prep your bike and get ready to race this season with the Maxima-Profilter Air Filters!


    Maxima - ProFilter Air Filter Features:
    • Dual stage open cell Foam Matrix
    • Plush 13MM Sealing Foam
    • Pre-Oiled with MAXIMA FFT
    • Complete with Disposable Gloves