Mechanix Wear gloves

Mechanix Gloves

Are you in need of a new pair of gloves to help protect your hands while you wrench on your dirt bike, ATV, Snowmobile, Jet Ski, or car? Well check out these Mechanix Wear gloves here at BTO Sports. Available in a couple different styles and multiple colors, these gloves are perfect for everyday garage use, and even motorcycle riding!


Mechanix Wear Glove

Mechanix Wear gloves are made not for one specific use, these gloves are designed specifically to be used in all hands-on working conditions to help keep your hands from getting chewed up. Whether you are in the garage, warehouse, driveway, or the pits, Mechanix Wear will keep you wrenching and working all day long.

The brand started back in 1991 when the Original Mechanix Wear Glove was born. The glove was made by a legendary race mechanic that was tired of cutting his hands when the tool would slip and help keep them warm when the temperature began to drop. These are technically a championship glove as pit crews and mechanics used them in the 1991 NASCAR Dayton race. As their popularity began to rise, they are now used all over the world by everyday mechanic, construction workers, and even the military and law enforcement.

Types of Mechanix Wear Gloves

If you are looking for a new motorcycle glove, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try out these Mechanix Wear gloves as they are extremely durable and comfortable. To be honest, you can’t beat their price as you could be a couple of these gloves for the same price as one motorcycle glove. Obviously style comes into play when choosing your motorcycle glove and these may not fit your description, but you will definitely appreciate the quality and protection that they provide.

BTO Sports has a couple different styles of these Mechanix Wear gloves. Of Course, the Original Mechanix Wear glove that started it all is here, and we also have the Fast Fit and Cold Weather Glove as well.

Mechanix Wear Original Glove

The Mechanix Orignal glove comes in a wide variety of colors that range from the traditional black to the new camo. These gloves are designed to keep your hands fully protected while you work on any type of vehicle, outdoor work, or anything really. Although they are durable enough to protect your hands against heat and cold, they provide the wearer with an increase in grip and finger sensitivity. Mechanix Wear knows what they are doing which is why they to not compromise performance for comfort or protection. They integrated a heat resistant Clarino Palm and index finger which is a synthetic leather material that is three times stronger than traditional leather. Along with that, they inserted a padded 3-ply mesh top and wide elastic wrist band for extra comfort.

Mechanix Wear Fast Fit Glove

The Fast Fit Mechanix Wear glove has the same properties as the Original, but is made with a wide opening elastic cuff with a rubber pull tab. This pull tab makes putting on and taking off the glove that much easier so your work is never put on standby. Lastly, the Cold weather glove is engineered with a Taslan nylon outter shell that protects your hand against the wind. It incorporates a neoprene knuckle and thumb panels that provides you with the warmth you need to keep the blood flowing through your fingers and a 3M C-40 Thinsulate interior lining that is bonded to a padded 20waystrestch spandex top.

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