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One of the few makers of great motorcycle tires is Michelin! Michelin Dirt Bike tires will give you a wide range of options based on style, needs and price. Michelin Motorcycle Tires are one of the industry leaders, and with very good reason. Michelin has been innovating and developing their motorcycle tires for decades- and the design and attention to detail permeates through their entire product line.


Michelin's Story

Michelin Tire Co. has been at it for over 125 years. So, experience is an understatement! It takes deep knowledge of tires and leading tire technologies to combine conflicting performance characteristics successfully: their know-how works to your advantage. By focusing on finding new solutions for your driving needs, our technologies and innovations have profoundly shaped past and present tires. Today, we continue our commitment to imagine the future of mobility.

Michelin’s first scientist was hired in 1893. Even then we knew that Research and Development would be key to the evolution of the modern tire. Today, 6,600 R&D people strive to anticipate and meet your changing mobility needs through research in chemistry, physics, mechanics and other realms to develop new technologies and constantly test prototypes. Their hubs are located on three continents and in seven countries: China, France, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand and the United States.

Motorsports is driving’s toughest innovation lab, and we’ve been experimenting in it for over a century. The pressure is high. For each race, we need to deliver performance characteristics adapted to each racing partner and for different racing conditions. Afterwards, we examine how our findings could benefit more people. So you can be sure that if it can handle the racetrack, it will handle your drive.

Michelin Dirt Bike Tires

Motorcycle tires…as important as any other dirt bike part you put on your bike. There are a wide range of motorcycle tires in today’s marketplace; varied in size, shape, utility and price. A million different motorcycle tires for a million different purposes, and we can break down some of the confusion for you right here and now. And the best? Michelin Tires! Let’s cut through the noise that a barrage of different motorcycle tires on the showroom floor can cause. Helping you find the right motorcycle tires for your individual needs is what we do here at BTO Sports! Michelin MX Tires are no joke.

When protecting yourself as a rider, one of the first things that might come to mind would be a motorcycle helmet, but many wouldn’t immediately think of their motorcycle tires and that would be a mistake! Motorcycle tires are essential to the performance of the bike in adverse conditions, and are also the key factor in the handling of the bike on the open road. They are also the biggest contributor to handling off-road terrain and roadside debris. These everyday/every ride factors need to be kept in mind when shopping for motorcycle tires.

Michelin Motorcycle Tires

The Best Michelin Tires were designed based on feedback from riders of all levels, from amateurs to world champions, often riding in extreme conditions, who shared their experiences in the field with Michelin Motorsports and Michelin’s world-class research and development team. Following an extensive three-year development and testing program, Michelin Motorcycle Tires has launched the new Michelin StarCross 5 range of Off-Road/Motocross tires that deliver high performance in a wide array of conditions. These are the Best Michelin Tires!

The Michelin StarCross 5 range breaks new ground for Michelin motorcycle tires in the world of Off-Road/Motocross. Compared to its predecessors (MICHELIN StarCross 3/4), the Michelin StarCross 5 line is based on a new casing design that delivers several significant performance improvements. The new casing design incorporates stronger, higher density materials that reduce weight up to 15 percent* without compromising strength or durability. The casing construction also features Michelin’s all-new Comfort Casing Technology (CCT), which provides exceptional shock absorption that reduces rider fatigue. Simply the Best Michelin Tires!

Lastly, the new casing design has been engineered to optimize the size of the tire’s contact patch. Combined with aggressive front and rear tread patterns, specially designed for each tire in the range, this construction offers maximum levels of grip for precise steering and traction, even in the most difficult conditions. Tread designs for the MICHELIN StarCross 5 range of tires improve performance across a multitude of applications. The intermediate and side tread blocks ensure good steering response from the front tire and traction from the rear.

The central blocks are designed specifically to enhance braking performance and traction on all types of riding surfaces. Integrating Michelin innovations shared across tires for Agriculture and Off-Road truck racing, this line of MICHELIN motorcycle tires sport a self-cleaning tread design to help release soil from the tire. The design includes revolutionary fine horizontal tread lines to release soil and enhance traction in a range of different soil conditions. Additionally, the Michelin StarCross 5 Soft rear tire features “Mud-Phobic Bars,” which also enhance tire cleaning to prevent soil from building up and reducing traction. The Michelin StarCross 5 Sand rear tire features a specially designed tread with monster scoops, which work to evacuate sand more efficiently.

Available in four versions (Hard, Medium, Soft and Sand), Michelin motorcycle tires are designed to give high levels of performance across the broadest range of ground conditions and terrain found in Off- Road/Motocross applications. Can’t go wrong here- these really are the Best Michelin Tires!

Michelin Motorcycle Tires

Here at BTO Sports- we take the worry out of your tire shopping by offering nothing but the Best Michelin Tires available. If you are in the market for Michelin MX tires, just look over this page and you are sure to find the exact tires for your riding needs. And with Michelin quality, you can rest easy knowing you are getting a durable, safe product for your bike.