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Nuetech - Nitro Mousse Platinum Zoom

Nuetech - Nitro Mousse Platinum

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Nuetech - Nitro Mousse Platinum


Neutech's new Platinum compound gives a more progressive and plusher ride feel and ramps up to take the big hits. Energizing the mousse with nitrogen results in a 100% flat-proof alternative to tubes while maintaining a lively, consistent feel from the very first ride. Try easy-to-install Nitromousse, and enjoy long-lasting performance that will never let you down. Investing over a decade into R&D for our Nitro Mousse, we have developed and incredibly tough micro-matrix of proprietary elastomers energized with a high concentration of nitrogen. This gives Nitro Mousse unrivaled durability and a much more lively, predicable feel from the very first ride.


  • 100% flat-proof: Enjoy every second of your ride with 100% flat-proof dependability
  • Extra Long Lasting: Lasts 2x longer than other popular mousse on the market
  • Superior Performance: Improved traction, smoother ride and superior cornering stability
  • Double the value of traditional tubes
  • Easy instructions and simple installation