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BTO Sports has a great supply of OGIO gear bags to choose from. Whether you are looking for one that is easy to roll around and travel with or one that you can throw over your shoulder and hit the track. BTO Sports has it all.


OGIO was born in 1987 with a passion for sports and outdoor activities and with that came a widespread motion of producing some of the best products for golfing, motocross, winter sports, and much more, but the most important aspect and reasoning behind it was to reach the ultimate goal of having fun. OGIO is based out of Utah in the Wasatch Mountains and they are committed to producing and design products that help you get the rush of adrenaline we all look for as an action sport athlete.

It is their mission to produce products that protect your passion, and keep you comfortable and organized as you pursue your goals as an action sport athlete. With that, they have produce some of the best gear bags on the market to keep your gear neatly organized at the track, in the desert, or back at home in the garage. They have helmet bags, wheeled and non-wheeled gear bags, goggle cases and duffel bags to increase your options of how you want to carry your gear from one destination to the next.

Check out the OGIO Gear Bags

BTO Sports has a great selection of the OGIO gear bag line and with OGIO’s great color schemes, factory team logos, and wide variety of carrying cases, you will have no problem picking out a new gear bag. The OGIO Slayer gear bag is great for storing all of your motocross gear in as it is equipped with a large top opening pocket, two smaller internal pockets for googles, gloves and other smaller items, and a separate boot pocket to keep your other gear from being damaged or getting dirty for your boots at the end of the day. This is a great purchase for those looking for a new top of the line gear bag with a low price tag.

Other great OGIO gear bags are ones like the OGIO Rig 9800, OGIO Redbull Signature 7800, and the OGIO Terminal bag. All these gear bags are wheeled gear bags to make traveling around the airport easy and without having to carry your gear everywhere you can give your shoulders a brake before a big race. The OGIO Redbull series is one of my favorites as it is priced at a remarkably low price for being a Redbull logoed bag, but it also has key features that make it a top of the line gear bag.

With a heavy duty chassis that has easy glide wheels, an oversized end compartment that makes storing helmets, chest protectors and other necessities, as well as a large main compartment that allows for easy access to all your gear are just some of the reasons as to why I like this gear bag. It may be heavy duty, but it is also a lightweight gear bag that comes with a limited lifetime warranty to make purchasing this gear bag that much easier.