2 Stroke Pipe Guard

2 Stroke Pipe Guards and Moose Racing Pipe Guard

For protection, a 2 stroke pipe guard is essential for covering your pipes. With Moose racing pipe guard, you will have the protection you require, with a tough, yet lightweight feel. When you install dirt bike pipe guards, you can rest assured your exhaust pipes will be protected, no matter how hard you lay your bike down. Using 2 stroke pipe guards allows the guard to form right against your exhaust pipes, keeping them from dings, dents and wear on rough rides. Moose racing pipe guards do not interfere with your bike's exhaust system and they don't weigh it down. Featuring great roost and spill protection, the 2 stroke pipe guard keeps you covered and protected throughout any ride. Riders love Moose racing pipe guards because they are crafted by a company they can rely on for optimum performance. No rider wants dents to get in the way of their performance, with a 2 stroke pipe guard, you won't have to worry. Whether on course or off-road, 2 stroke pipe guards are made to last, with durable construction that won't rust or break down. For most riders, keeping their bike in pristine shape is important. When dents occur, they slowly decrease your bike's performance and dull its appearance. Using 2 stroke pipe guards protect one of the most important systems, your exhaust. Whether you choose a 2 stroke pipe guard or a Moose racing pipe guard, you can't go wrong.