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Pirelli Tires


There is probably no better testament to the awesome performance of Pirelli dirt bike tires than their continuous domination of motocross races all over the world. In any given week Pirelli scorpion tires and their cousins take on hard surface dirt tracks, mud, and sand with around twice as many wins as their competitors. Motocross racing is Pirelli's pride and joy, and it shows.


Pirelli MX Tires

If you are looking for one of the most trusted tires in the Professional AMA Motocross and Supercross rankings, then you have come to the right place. Pirelli is a world class company that spends countless hours researching, developing, testing, and proving that their Pirelli tires are the ones to run at the track, on the streets, or in the dirt. With a large range of tire sizes, compounds, and knob designs to choose from, Pirelli provides you with countless options for running Pirelli tires for various types of riding.

Pirelli MX tires are built to last. The brand's entire range of tires, even the non-premium motocross varieties, offer solid weight, generous spacing, and substantial knobs, and all Pirelli tires mount easily. When you choose Pirelli dirt bike tires you know you're getting your money's worth.

Pirelli Motocross tires deliver on performance with fantastic results while lasting. They are well-designed, providing easy steering and a lighter feel in action. Traction is good with Pirelli scorpion tires, and durability with these Pirelli dirt bike tires is completely off the charts. They are perfect even for frequent riders.

Pirelli Scorpion

At BTO Sports you will find all the Pirelli tires you’re looking for like the Pirelli scorpion tires. Our amazing selection offers Pirelli tires made for soft, intermediate, and hard terrains so you can select the precise tires to fit your riding needs. The Pirelli Scorpion MX Hard tire is specially designed for hard packed motocross and supercross conditions, with a reversible tread pattern on the front tire, a stiff carcass, a low profile center knob height for more precise, quicker handling, and a gripping wider contact area.

On the other hand, the Pirelli Scorpion MX Soft tire is designed for mud and sand riding with its stable, consistent, self-cleaning design. The DOT-approved front tire tackles ruts in softer conditions with its stability-boosting arrow layout of aligned knobs and side knobs while the rear tire's bridged tread paddle design provides maximum power and traction even in the deepest mud and sand. Contact BTO Sports today to find out which Pirelli dirt bike tires are right for your riding habits and goals, and if you need to upgrade your wheels too, let us know. Once you place your order for Pirelli scorpion tires, you can relax and trust our professional team to get your order to you ASAP.

Pirelli Tires

If you are riding in the desert where the ground is hard and compact, you will be in need of a medium-hard or hard compound tire that can withstand the tough ground, rocks, and other debris you will tread on. The Pirelli tires you will be looking for is the Pirelli Scorpion XC mid-hard, the Pirelli MX hard, or Pirelli MXMH 554. These tires are constructed from higher rated compounds that are able to endure the tough conditions of the desert and have are designed with a high puncture resistant rubber that decreases your chances of getting a flat miles away from camp.

These Pirelli tires are also great for riding on brutal, hard packed tracks like Glen Helen. If you are riding a motocross track that is rocky, has hard slick patches, gnarly ruts with rocks, these harder compound tires are ones you want to be looking at. By designing and manufacturing some of the best Pirelli MX tires on the market, Pirelli has a slogan others do not “We sell what we race”. A powerful and meaningful statement that comes from a world renowned company that has branded itself as one of the best amongst the road-racing and off-road racing scenes.

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