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    Pod MX - K1 Knee Brace Youth (Pair)

    Product Code: pod-mx-k1-knee-brace-youth-pair

    Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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    POD MX - K1 Knee Brace Youth (Pair)

    Affordable, Essential, Professional knee protection accessible to every youth rider. The Pod MX K1 Youth Knee Brace protection is the Utmost importantance in dynamic action sports like motocross, supercross and off-road racing. The Pod MX K1 Knee Brace is a medical grade functional knee brace designed to support the knee joint and help reduce ligatment injuries.

    • Lightweight, low profile and secure fitting.
    • The K1 Pod MX knee brace uses proprietary synthetic ligaments to reinforce the knee's complex range of motion. This human motion technology moves so effortlessly you will forget you are wearing a brace.
    • Deluxe moisture wicking frame liners and strap pads keep you cool and comfortable.
    • Lightweight, low profile frame design combined with four secure straps ensures a snug fit and superior feel for the bike.
    • Zero pressure points ensure your ride all day in comfort and control.
    • Adjustable extension stops are easily inserted to provide progressive control from 0 to 25 degrees.
    • Synthetic ligaments help to replicate natural human motion and are easily replaced by the end user after exposure to significant forces or extended use.
    • A secure fit is essential to knee brace functionality, comfort and control.
    • A common frame with interchageable cuffs and padding allow you to upsize or downsize the brace to provide years of support.
    • Medical grade.
    Sizing Guide:

    POD knee braces are size and side specific and correct sizing is vital to the performance of the brace. Due to varying shapes, knee measurements should only be used as a guide when determining the correct brace size.

    SizeKnee Width MeasurmentsKnee Circumference Measurements
    Youth Medium8.8 - 9.4 cm3.5 - 3.7"27.5 - 29.5 cm10.8 - 11.6"
    Youth Large9.4 - 10.2 cm3.7 - 4.0"29.5 - 32.0 cm11.6 - 12.6"
    Small10.2 - 10.8 cm4.0 - 4.3"32.0 - 34.0 cm12.6 - 13.4"
    Medium10.8 - 11.4 cm4.3 - 4.5"34.0 - 36.0 cm13.4 - 14.1"
    Large11.4 - 12 cm4.5 - 4.7"36.0 - 38.0 cm14.1 - 14.8"
    X-Large12 - 12.7 cm4.7 - 5.0"38.0 - 40.2 cm14.8 - 15.8"
    XX-Large12.7 - 13.4 cm5.0 - 5.3"40.2 - 42.0 cm15.8 - 16.8"

    STEP 1: Knee Width

    Measure across the centre of the knee using the POD Sizing Tool. Take measurements in a weight bearing position at full extension (i.e. with leg fully straight).


    STEP 2: Knee Circumference Measurement

    Measure the circumference of the knee directly underneath the kneecap using a soft tape measure or string. Take measurements in a weight bearing position at full extension (i.e. with leg fully straight).


    STEP 3: Try Brace On

    Walk and bend your leg to aid the brace in settling. The brace should feel comfortably snug.