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BTO Sports offers a wide variety of motocross gear, parts, accessories, and apparel for our customers and riders to choose from. The Pro Moto Billet Fastway Footpegs are just one of the thousands you can browse through on our site./p>

Pro Moto Billet

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Fastway has some of the most innovative foot pegs on the market that are adjustable to provide riders with the optimal amounts of traction they need and thanks to their high adjustable design. They Pro Moto Billet foot pegs are able to be adjusted by height, camber, and traction with a few easy steps to optimize the rider’s performance on the bike. The four styles of Fastway foot pegs that Pro Moto Billet produces are the Adventure, Air EXT, EVO Air, and Evolution III and all of which are adjustable to each rides preferred settings.

These Pro Moto Billet pegs are designed with Pro Moto Billet’s Universal Collar System that allows the rider to mount the foot pegs in a lowered position, or the stock position on their dirt bike. With a simple reverse of the collar, your new Pro Moto Billet pegs will be slightly lower than the stock version to give riders with longer legs a more comfortable ride. These footpegs are also equipped with Pro Moto Billet’s patented replaceable traction cleat system and Camber system to allow the customization of the traction of your pegs as well as the tilt. All Fastway pegs come with 2 sets of F3 threads, short 10 mm and tall 12 mm, cleats.

Pro Moto Billet

If you are looking for an ideal amount of traction that is not going to kill the sole of your boots, the short setup of cleats will do just fine and not wear out your boots as quickly as an aggressive traction setup would. Although you have these two options, it does not limit your ability to mix and match your threads to find the perfect set up! You are able to have a tall center row for a traction setup that will keep your feet on the pegs, but also allow them to roll slightly, as well as a tall back row to allow more freedom for your toes to for shifting and braking.

The Camber systems on the Pro Moto Billet Fastway footpegs are unique to Pro Moto Billet’s products as there is no other footpeg on the market like these. The unparalleled Pro Moto Billet footpegs have a camber system that allows the rider to enhance their ability to grip and squeeze the motorcycle by changing the upward, or downward tilt of your peg. Just as you would want to tune your suspension, engine, and bars, you should be able to tune your footpegs to enhance your ride. Improve your bike control, with these amazing Pro Moto Billet footpegs!


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