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Pro Circuit Pipes

Pro Circuit Pipes and Pro Circuit Pipe

On a bike, exhaust is everything. With Pro Circuit pipes installed on your ride, you won't have to worry about performance issues keeping you down.

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Pro Circut Exhuast

Using a Pro Circuit exhaust pipe allows you to experience higher peaks in your dirt bikes performance, yet gives you the lightweight feel you need to keep throwing your bike around like it’s a toy. There is nothing like the sound produced from Pro Circuit 2 stroke pipes. All 2 strokes produce that crisp sound when the throttle is twisted, but add a Mitch Payton tuned Pro Circuit exhaust, and oooh weee!

That 2 smoker will be purring that baby kittin at idol, and roaring like a lion when your pinned. The sound of a two stroke is sharp, crisp and is music to any motocross enthusiasts ears drums. Every rider wants to experience power gains and by using a Pro Circuit pipes will keep your ride in the perfect zone for high output.

Many riders rely on the Pro Circuit 2 stroke pipe because of the performance output, style and unmatched quality that Pro Circuit delivers. If you want increased horsepower and torque, Pro Circuit pipes do not let you down. With the Pro Circuit pipe works models, you will get the bare metal finish you want, with the durability you need.

Pro Circuit Pipes

Pro Circuit 2 stroke pipe gives you everything you expect in exhaust pipes, with added benefits. Pro Circuit pipes offer performance for both casual and competitive riders. Installing a Pro circuit pipe on your bike is fast and easy, allowing you to quickly get back in the race. Riders who use Circuit 2 stroke pipes love the unparalleled performance a Pro Circuit pipe brings to their bike. Choose Pro Circuit pipes for your ride and experience the difference they bring.

Mitch payton start Pro Circuit when he was just 18 years old back in 1978 and began producing some of the best aftermarket performance parts ever since. He since then has started building up the reputation of his company to be a world renowned motocross company that has earned the right to be on the top step of the podium. In 1991 Mitch and four other racers, one of them being Jeremy McGrath, began racing in the AMA Supercross series and six months later found themselves with the 125cc East and West championships.

As the reputation built, names were flooding into the race team, one star shined more than anyone else in the entire realm of motocross. The GOAT, Ricky Charmichael, showed his speed in the 125 class as a Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider and took the National Motocross Championship in 1997. Ricky helped Mitch Payton pave the way for Pro Circuit to become the company they are today and since then have one an unrealistic amount of AMA Motocross and Supercross titles. Needless to say, if you are running Pro Circuit exhausts on your bike, you have chosen the exhaust of champions.