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Dirt Bike Radiator Braces & Guards

Radiator Braces & Guards for Dirt Bikes

BTO Sports has radiator brace guards to help you keep your radiator protected during the races. Whether you are a weekend warrior racer, a casual track rider, or a person who loves tearing up the open desert, these radiator brace guards are a serious must have dirt bike part!


Dirt Bike Radiator Brace Guards

Radiator brace guards are made specifically to keep your radiator fully protected and defend it against damages from roost, rocks, debris and other bikes! These dirt bike radiator brace guards help protect your radiator on the starts when you are most likely to have a bike hit you and potential cause detrimental damages to your dirt bike. BTO Sports has a wide variety of radiator brace guards to choose from by some of the best companies in the industry.

Types of Radiator guards

Devol makes a high quality radiator brace guard that you can trust to help protect your dirt bike, but that’s not all. BTO Sports also carries Flo motorsports, Works Connection, Dubach Racing, and Unabiker radiator brace guards so make sure you are looking at the right part that will fit your dirt bike. These products are bike specific so make sure you select the correct make model and year of dirt bike that you have.

Devol Radiator Brace gaurd

Devol radiator brace guards are currently on sale. These radiator guards are designed to help stabilize your radiator from front and side impacts so even when someone tries to run up on you in a corner, your dirt bike will be protected. These are lightweight and durable radiator brace guards that maintain max capacity airflow to help cool the radiator. The Devol radiator brace guard is constructed from U.S aluminum alloy for extra durability and strength and includes all the hardware needed which makes installation easy.

Unabiker Radiator Brace Guard

The Unabiker Radiator guard is a beefy radiator brace guard that is made from 6061 T-4 aluminum and guaranteed to keep cool radiator fluid flowing through your engine. The Front guard is constructed with specifically designed curved slots that increase airflow to help cool the radiator and ultimately your engine. Along with all of that, the formed side panels are designed to reduce fold back in case you crash or someone else hits you to make sure your radiator stays intact and functioning at optimal levels. These are used by handfuls of top motocross teams so you can ensure that you are receiving a high quality and trusted radiator brace guard.

Flo Motorsports Radiator Guard

The Flo Motorsports high flow radiator braces is an OEM styled radiator brace so you know this part will fit perfectly on your dirt bike. Like I mentioned before, these dirt bike parts are bike specific so make sure you are purchasing the correct guard for your dirt bike. This Flo Motorsports radiator brace guard will protect your radiator from side and front impacts and core punctures to ensure your dirt bike will be able keep charging until the checkered flag. It has a wind tunnel design to provide your radiator with max air flow and keep it cooler than normal on those hotter than average ride days and is 25% stronger than the leading competitors. Made from a 1inch block of solid 6061 aluminum, this radiator brace guard from Flo Motorsports is guaranteed to keep your dirt bike protected whether you ride on the track, or in the desert.