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Scorpion Motocross Helmets

Scorpion Dirt Bike Helmets

At BTO Sports we can relate to the Scorpion dedication to the highest quality. We too are riders and we devote our time to the sport. For those reasons we totally get making each Scorpion motocross helmet from start to finish to spec, and making the brand and logo really mean something to riders. If you've got questions for us, let us know. We are happy to talk Scorpion motocross helmets with you anytime.

 Scorpion Dirt Bike Helmets

Scorpion Motocross Helmets

Scorpion motocross helmets have been setting the standard for the industry for more than 10 years. Committed to providing comfort, the best quality, and innovative designs in safety gear and apparel at reasonable price, Scorpion motocross helmets are among the company's flagship products. The Scorpion team is home to some of the world’s best helmet engineers and designers, and together the members of this team spend numerous hours designing, developing, and testing Scorpion motocross helmets to guarantee that every last helmet won't just meet consumer expectations, but surpass them.


One of the things that seems to set Scorpion motocross helmets apart is that the company's design team creates its new products based not only on modern R&D, but also using input from top riders on the circuit. The Scorpion brand has made its bones as the riders' choice company, and their team is dedicated to listening to the needs of the riders who buy Scorpion motocross helmets.

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Another unique feature of the Scorpion brand is that Scorpion owns and operates their own facilities for manufacturing Scorpion motocross helmets. These facilities are state-of-the-art and provide a place for true in house design and innovation breakthroughs as well as on-site quality assurance for the brand. Finally, since Scorpion motocross helmets are made in house from start to finish, there is a high level of attention to detail and quality that you really can't get as easily when parts of the process are farmed out to other facilities.

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