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Scott Goggles

Scott Goggles and Scott Dirt Bike Goggle accessories

Scott Goggles are the industry leader, and have been for decades. Their standards of quality and innovation have not been matched by anyone. With their dedication to the riders and their premium Ace MX goggles, they will be at the top of the podiums for years to come.

 Scott Goggles

Scott Goggle story

Scott goggles have been on the market since the 70’s, and Scott was the first company to utilize foam ventilation in their goggles. Without the foam ventilation in Scott MX goggles we’d be dealing with fogged up lenses; which makes it a little difficult to ride safely. When shopping goggles from Scott on btosports.com you will notice there are many different models to choose from including specific models for men, women, and kids. Scott goggles are also available in various frame sizes including OTG (over the glasses) models for those wearing glasses.

When you go to choose your new pair of Scott MX goggles you will want to keep in mind the type of conditions you will be riding in the most. Scott goggles come with all different lenses made for different light conditions. You will see some information under each goggle picture which will help you determine what conditions that goggle is best for. For example, a Scott goggle with a cloud and sun icon will state the goggles are best for partly sunny conditions, where an icon of clouds with no sun will tell you the goggles are best for overcast conditions. If you ride in varying conditions from day to day, there are Scott goggles that offer interchangeable lenses; look in the product specs to see if the model you are looking at has interchangeable lenses.

Scott Motocross goggles

Scott OTG goggles, as we touched on above, are set up to be worn comfortably over glasses. Wearing contacts while motocross riding can dry out your eyes and get uncomfortable which is why OTG goggles are so important. Scott OTG goggles are set up to offer the same great performance as their standard goggles but with a larger more comfortable design which can be worn over goggles without an issue. You will find many Scott OTG goggle models, simply look for “OTG” in the goggles title.

Scott goggles are engineered to offer dirt bike riders a fog-free design so you will always have clear vision out on the trails. Scott has given all their goggles a permanent No-Fog lens treatment and their patented ACS Venting which helps to prevent unwanted fog buildup for a crystal clear line of sight. Don’t worry about fog when you pick out your new Scott goggles, just worry about racing!

To make it easier to find your perfect pair of Scott goggles, BTO Sports offers easy to use product refinements found on this page. These product refinements include gender, price, color, frame size, lens type, lens shape, and more. By choosing an option from one of the refinements you will see the page refresh automatically and show you only goggles that offer the feature you have chosen. For example, choosing mirrored lenses in the lens type refinement will refresh the page and show you only mirrored lens Scott goggles. Multiple refinements can be used at once also, simply make your first selection and once the page refreshes you can then make a second selection, and so on.

When selecting the ideal manufacturing location for Spy goggles, Scott Goggles ensured the facility met and exceeded all of their own rigorous and uncompromising standards that allow them to achieve the highest possible level of quality. They consistently monitor production of the goggles and regularly test components to ensure products made in the facility continue to earn the right to bear the Scott Goggles logo. If it's not good enough for Scott, it's not good enough. That goes for each and every pair of Scott Goggles they make, no matter where we make them.

Scott Goggles lenses

Scott Goggles is also fully aware of the safety requirements mandated for their renowned Scott MX goggles. 100% UV protection has become a standard practice for all Scott goggles. Also, their patented NoSweat 3.2 face foam will keep you dry, comfortable and seeing at your very best… another feature that separates them from the pack. Clearly, they mean business when it comes to both comfort and protection! When you’re buying Scott goggles, you’re not only buying the one of the best in all of motocross... you’re buying the one of the safest. Another reason you can feel positive about your purchase of Scott MX goggles!

The Scott motocross goggles provide outstanding UV protection, with the best lenses in the industry, in the form of Lexan lenses. The Scott dirt bike goggles provide unmatched comfort, with the softest face foam of any other motocross goggle. Not only is the Scott goggle soft against your face, but it is also hypoallergenic, so it won't bother your sensitive skin. With the TruView lens system, you can rest assured that you will see every piece of the action, through the motocross Scott goggles.

Scott Goggles was the first brand to create a motocross-specific goggle, back in 1970. Since then, the company has continued to strive for excellence in their Scott motocross goggles. Scott motocross goggles give a variety of choices, for every rider and every need. Using the Scott fit system, you can be sure that your Scott dirt bike goggles will fit perfectly to your face, no matter your size.

The Scott goggle features the RAM ventilation system, which helps you to keep a constant level of visibility, even in the worst of conditions. With NoSweat 3.2 face foam, Scott goggles keep you dry, comfortable and seeing at your very best. You can rely on Scott dirt bike goggles to deliver unmatched eye protection for the most challenging of rides. Whether you choose the Tyrant, the Hustle or any other Scott goggles, you can rest assured that you will receive a quality goggle that is crafted to stand up against any challenge, consistently delivering proven performance and comfort. What better way to protect your eyes and enjoy every moment of your next ride?

If you want a premium motocross goggle, the collection of Scott goggles here at BTO Sports is a giant step in the right direction. Great company, great products- and BTO Sports has the customer service to get you these goggles in a flash. Come on over to BTO Sports and let us square away your MX goggle needs.

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