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Scott Goggle cases, Helmet Bags, and PadCase

Scott Accessory Cases

Scott makes a great selection of goggle cases, helmet bags, and padcases for you to store all your essential motocross gear in. These Scott goggle cases are perfect for storing your brand new goggles in so they do not get scratched on your journeys to and from the track, desert, or wherever your next riding destination may be. Do not let your goggles get scratched up in your gear bag, or helmet bag anymore and get one of these Scott goggle cases today! If you are in need of a new helmet bag that is better than the standard bags that come with the purchase of a new helmet, check out the Scott Helmet bags! These are awesome helmet bags that are specifically designed to fit your helmet with ergonomic contours that line your helmet perfectly. Equipped with an easy carrying handle and a zipper to make storing your helmet easy, these Scott Helmet bags are perfect protection for your helmet. BTO Sports has a great line of Scott accessories that makes your riding experience that much better by allowing you to keep your gear looking brand new all season long. These amazing storage cases for your goggles helmets, boots, and goggle lenses will ensure that you gear is safely stored away when you are not using them and makes sure you will not have new, unwanted scratches next time you pull out your goggles or helmet. Shop at BTO Sports for all your motocross gear, parts, accessories, and apparel and thank you for your business! We greatly appreciate it, and if there is anything that you are looking for that you cannot find, give us a call at 805 777 7601 and we will be happy to assist your ever need!