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Seven MX gear represents high level sports performance. Built on a foundation of passion for performance and fierce competition, the company was founded in 2013 by James Stewart, a major heavyweight in the sport.

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Seven MX

His goal was to take athlete apparel to new places by blending protection and style in unexpected ways. The result was the Seven motocross gear team which is made up of a group of creative minded individuals that have their hearts 100% dedicated to the sport of motocross and a vision of its future firmly in mind. If limits just aren't the things that matter to you, and you're always pushing the boundaries you see in front of you, Seven MX gear is probably an awesome choice for you on and off the track.

This new Seven gear is redefining the limits with its innovative and alluring design thanks to the amazing intuitive staff at Seven. Thanks to the technological advancements our world is creating, the crew at Seven has been able to push the limits of motocross gear in ways that was once unheard of. They have produce one of the most sought after lines of motocross gear in quite some time and the motocross industry has responded in profound ways.

Although their design may have been derived from past companies that sought out to create the best motocross gear (which did not get the popular vote and failed), Seven has redesigned those ideas into their own to create masterpieces of motocross gear. The secret to Seven motocross gear is really just a balance between next generation technology and top tier design finished off with an edgy style. The blend that Seven MX gear achieves is remarkable, producing gear that revolutionizes both the athleticism and safety of the gear.

Seven MX Gear

The newly designed seven mx gear has redefined the limits with its upper echelon advancements in gear design engineering. Their gear comes in various styles; some of which are now a four piece set that include a compression jersey to enhance the riding abilities of motocross racers. The Seven MX Zero Blade gear is one of the gear combos Seven mx has designed as a four piece set and has revolutionized the motocross industry.

Although AXO first designed this gear back in the early 2000’s, the gear was not meeting the demand they projected and it ultimately got pushed out of the race scene. Obviously, Seven MX has nearly perfected this gear by enhancing the compression jersey with laser cut air holes that provide the riders adequate airflow to regulate body temperature.

Browse our awesome selection of Seven MX gear to learn more about these products. Each piece is described in detail, with specs on performance, wear, looks, and price. If you still have questions about our Seven motocross gear, don't hesitate to reach out. Our staff lives and breathes MX and we are here to help.

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