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Learn More About Shift Levers

BTO Sports has been at this motocross thing a long time. And as such we know that having the better dirt bike parts for your bike will not only make the difference in how well your dirt bike performs, but also how long your dirt bike parts will last. Durability is the name of the game for most all dirt bike parts, and there is no question that Shifters are very much part of this vital equation. Shifters Importance Shifters are huge on the dirt bike parts food chain so to speak, as they are part of a bike’s Controls . Without Controls, you can’t steer, speed up, slow down or stop the bike! You’d be out of “control”, get it? Shifters are extremely important to the overall health of you and your bike. Companies like Next Components, Sunline and Torc1 all make Levers and Accessories for todays on and off road, high performance motorcycles- as well as other ancillary dirt bike parts. The newer levers featured here at BTO have all of the performance and power expected in modern controls. Manufacturing advancements and designs also mean a lower cost, so off-road riders get quality levers, accessories and other dirt bike controls at an affordable price. The Reaction MX Shifters by Torc1, for example, install in just minutes as they are designed to fit an OE Perch. Made from quality 6061 Billet Aluminum, they instantly grant durability and strength to your bike. They are also designed to exceed OEM specifications, thus built to resist breakage. The Shifters sold here span the full gamut of necessary motorcycle control, and there’s more… much more! So make no bones about it: BTO Sports has everything you need in the world of Shifters. And all of your other basic controls! The Levers and Shifters we sell here at BTO Sports have the characteristics you’re looking for in controls (and dirt bike parts in general!). Of all the dirt bike parts you might need over the life of your bike- the Controls will obviously be at the top. They are the prime-timers of dirt bike parts, yet after-market shifters and accessories don’t cost nearly as much as many of their OEM dirt bike parts brethren. Replacement Shifters There are companies that not only make replacement dirt bike parts, but also enhanced dirt bike parts. The Sunline Alloy Shifter, for example, is an anodized gun metal shifter that features a hinged tip to prevent bending by folding out of the way. It replaces stock levers with sturdy alloy, yet at a lower cost than original replacement equipment. And the splines and fit are to factory specifications- ready to race-right out of the box. And that’s just one of the thousands of control options here @ BTO Sports. These shifters are also bike specific for a perfect fit- a keystone point for all dirt bike parts. [email protected] So please, you can take our trusted word for it when it comes to all dirt bike parts sold on our site, and this certainly includes Shifters.