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Shift MX has spent years establishing themselves as a forerunner in the motocross industry. They've been working in motocross for a long time, so they know exactly what their fans want. Their new Jerseys will blow you away while you sweep the competition. Coming in both youth and adult sizes, you can be sure you find the perfect jersey for you. Here at BTOsports.com we're dedicated to giving you a wide selection of quality gear and apparel, so we're proud to announce we sell Shift MX Jerseys! Come on over to BTOsports.com for your pick of high-grade, affordable jerseys that'll be sure to get you some extra attention when you're out racing!


Shift MX


Shift MX is a lead competitor in the dirt bike and motocross apparel industry. They're constantly exploring new facets of innovation in the field of motocross, and they've learned a thing or two in the time they've been around. They're jerseys are well known by prettymuch every serious motocross enthusiast. It's our mission to bring you the best dirt bike and motocross gear available, so make sure you grab a Shift MX jersey today! 


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