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Shoei Helmets was founded by Eitaro Kamata in Japan way back in 1958. Almost ten years later Honda Motor Co decided to claim Shoei Helmets as their genuine helmet. This really helped launch the brand to greater heights once Honda decided to endorse them. To this day Shoei Motorcycle Helmets has continued to stay reasonably small with under 500 employees contrary to their big success. Another major focus and claim to fame for Shoei Helmets was the introduction of carbon fiber to their helmets. They introduced this to their motorcycle helmets in the mid 1970’s. Another interesting fact about Shoei Helmets is the 2011 earthquake that shook Japan with great wrath happened to affect two of Shoei’s ware houses. Both factories named Iwate and Ibaraki had to be rebuilt and estimated to cost Shoei around 63 million yen.

We carry 8 different style and models of Shoei Helmets. The models are as follows:


Shoei X-14 Helmet

Shoei Helmet x-14


Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

Shoei Helmet RF-1200


Shoei GT Air Helmet

Shoei Helmet GT Air


Shoei J-Cruise Helmet

Shoei helmet j-cruise


Shoei Qwest Helmet

Shoei Helmet qwest


Shoei Neotec Helmet

Shoei Helmet Neotec


Shoei Hornet X2 Helmet

Shoei Helmet Hornet X2


Shoei X-12 Helmet

Shoei Helmet X-12

Shoei Helmets make many different styles of motorcycle helmets. Starting with their more common style of helmet the full face motorcycle helmets. These style of helmets range from the X-14, X-12, RF-1200, RF-1100, GT-Air, and the Qwest. All these full face helmets tend to me the more popular style of helmets or Shoei. The second most popular style of motorcycle helmets for Shoei would be their Open Face helmets. These popular style helmets would fall under the J-Cruise and RJ-Platinum. These Shoei helmets tend to be more popular with cruiser style of motorcycle riders, and people who are looking forward to their weekend joy rides. Other popular style of Shoei Helmets would be the modular and adventure. The Neotec helmet would fit the needs for the rider looking for the modular style helmets. And last but gaining more and more popularity are the adventure style helmets. The Hornet X2 will surpass all the needs for the rider looking for the adventure style motorcycle helmet.

When looking inside a Shoei Helmet:

When looking at the inside of a Shoei Helmet it is important to know what to look for. Based off of not only Shoei Helmets but all motorcycle helmets in general you want to look for the style of shield the helmet has. You want to identify the material that the helmet shell is made of. Next you want to make sure the helmet comes with an EPS liner. Very important for all riders is the comfortability of their helmets. So you want to make sure the comfort liner is comfortable for your personal preferences. Another important factor for comfort is the chinstrap. And last but could be argued as one of the top three features of any motorcycle helmet would be the ventilation.

Shoei Helmet

Shoei Helmet shield
Shoei Helmet Shell
Shoei Helmet eps liner
Shoei Helmet comfortliner
Shoei Helmet chin strap
Shoei Helmet ventilation

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Shoei - RF-1200 Helmet

Shoei - RF-1200 Helmet

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Shoei - RF-1200 Helmet

Shoei is the way to go !!!

Really good fit.
Shoei - Faceshield

I wish the dark smoke lens was darker.

I really enjoy having the pinlock feature - wish I made the leap years ago. Quality of the shield is top notch, doesn't feel flimsy. I've used a "Dark smoke" shield for 7 years on my RF-1000 so ordered this up alongside my RF-1200 from here. I want to say it's not as dark as it used to be. I haven't run into any concerns while riding, so I'm sur...