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Sidi Boots Motocross Motocross Boots

Sidi Boots Dirt Bike Motocross Boots

BTO Sports offers the largest selection of Sidi motocross boots for the best prices. We offer premier Sidi boots that feature the traditional Italian craftsmanship you love, while maintaining the durability and designs you expect.

Sidi boots have been one of the leading brands for motocross boots since the 1970’s for their cutting edge designs, comfort, and durability. BTO Sports is proud to offer this brand of quality and reputable dirt bike boots to enhance your riding performance while delivering affordable prices.

Sidi boots are worn throughout the motocross circuit due to the extreme lightweight comfort they offer. With a carbon lift sole, they are much lighter than other brand name boots, but maintain the same durability and versatility you expect. Featuring a 10 mm cleat alignment scale, these boots promote pedal gripping to keep your feet on the pedals, which is vital for high speed racing.

Offering shock resistant heels and a single flex upper system, your body will have the support and flexibility you need while riding. The added comfort and security lets you spend more time focusing on the track ahead than your feet. The practical and comfortable boots are versatile to match a number of riding styles. This is why top riders, like 2010 MX1 World Champion Tony Cairoli wear them.