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Thor Motocross Socks

Thor Motocross Socks and Thor Dirt Bike Socks

Thor - Moto Sub Sock 

Thor Motocross Socks


Thor dirt bike and motorcross socks come in both adult and youth sizes to ensure you're getting exactly what you're looking for. These socks are comfortable, durable, and look amazing. You're sure to be turning some heads when you're out on the track with Thor socks. BTO Sports is dedicated to bringing you the best possible apperal that we can find. These dirt bike socks are sure to satisfy even the most extreme of motocross fans. Available in calf, crew, and thigh length sizes you're sure to find the size that you're looking for. Socks available in both adult and youth sizes. Don't wait, get your Thor dirt bike and motocross socks here at BTOsports.com!


Thor Racing


Thor has been in the motocross and dirt bike business for a long time, and they've accumalated quite the following. With their innovative shape and sleek design, Thor socks have been a lead competitor in the motocross industry as a whole. 

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