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Check out more dirt bike grips and glue

Dirt bike grips are available at BTO Sports! Check out our great selection of grips today and start twisting the throttle with confidence.

Dirt Bike Grips

Dirt Bike Grips

Motocross is the most demanding sport on two wheels, in the dirt, and on the human body. We endure brutal crashes, gnarly jarring, and endless hours of training to ensure our bodies (and machine) are able to see the checkered flag waving. None of that matters if you can’t hold onto your dirt bike properly and control your dirt bike to the highest degree. Dirt bike grips make a huge difference in a rides feeling, control and ability to maneuver their bike and thanks to special engineering and countless hours of testing companies have nearly perfected the dirt bike grip.

Obviously this is a preference product that is susceptible to change with each rider, but with today’s advancements of technology and knowledge, every rider is able to find their “perfect” dirt bike grip. There are handfuls of companies that say they make “the best grip in motocross”, but in reality it all depends on the rider. Do you like squishy grips or hard grips? Do you prefer full waffle, half waffle, or no waffle; what about the Pro Taper Pillow grips? Every rider will be able to find their specific style and stiffness of dirt bike grip that will let them control their bike the best.

Dirt Bike Hand Grips

Brands such as Pro Taper, Renthal, and ODI make some of the top selling motocross grips on the market and people are becoming a huge fan on the ODI Emig grips. These grips are designed as a lock-on grip that comes with a throttle tube that has 2 snap on cams for a 4-stroke that disable the grip to twist, move, or slip off the bike if the grip glue were to fail. They come in a variety of colors and to match your bike, or mix it up to give your bike a custom look.

Other brands like Pro Taper and Renthal make grips that need to be glued onto your bars using grip glue. Sometimes this method of applying grips is faulty as the grip glue may dry up and crack over time leaving you with twisted grips and may eventually slide right off. It doesn’t matter how much glue you use, this WILL occur. In fact, it is better to use the “a dab will do it” method that we all learned in the earlier days of elementary school. You do not want to use too much grip glue otherwise it my ooze out and cause a mess, especially on your throttle side. Trust me, I put a dab too much, or like 5, to my throttle grip and when I went to the track the next morning my dirt bike grip wasn’t only locked in place, but my entire throttle tube was stuck to the bar.