Troy Lee Designs helmets


2018 Troy Lee Designs


Troy Lee Designs has been in the motocross industry since the very beginning.  Troy, himself started painting and creating helmet designs for the world’s fastest racers.  Troy has been expanding his company ever since.  Now, Troy Lee specialize is all protective gear including helmets, gear kits, guards, pads, and everything else necessary for the track.  Troy Lee Designs has become a top motocross company.  Mainly known for prestigious and very protective gear, this organization has flourished over the last couple decades.  Now integrating their products into a KTM factory team, Troy’s products are tested daily. 


The goal at Troy Lee Designs is to create products that innovate and lead the market.  The products created at Troy Lee Designs result in a line of products that help the rider stay focused on their activity and look great while doing it.  Extensive research and development is performed before debuting new products.  Such as the new 2018 line of Troy Lee Designs.  This new 2018 gear is a testament of all the hard work, research, engineering, and time that the entire Troy Lee organization has done over the last 30+ years.  The accumulation of R&D, technology, experience, safety, philosophy, and product design has created an empire.  This empire works to protect riders with the best equipment while looking the most stylish. 


2018 Troy Lee Designs Helmets


Troy Lee Designs is most famous for their Helmets.  This is where Troy started, so respectfully, helmets are the focus at TLD.  This is what got it started; this is where their specialty lies.  Troy Lee Designs helmets have been adapting and improving over the years.  The new 2018 helmet line is the pinnacle of Troy Lee.  All the experience, testing, research and design, development, and engineering have been put into this one new produce.  BTO sports introduces the latest Troy Lee Designs helmets.  With new color options, new helmet design, and a new year, Troy Lee Designs had wowed the industry yet again. 


2018 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Fiber


The latest SE4 helmet is the top of the line.  The light weigh carbon fiber material releases pressure on the rider’s neck.  This prolongs fatigue during a ride or race. 

This helmet features carbon/Kevlar technology, MIPS bran protection system, a ventilation and cooling system, washable comfort liner, impact break away helmet screws, 3D contoured cheek pads, and DOT SNELL and AS/NZS certifications.  This helmet also includes 2 visors, a helmet bag and instructions. 


2018 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite


The se4 composite helmet is known as a featherweight.  This helmets also uses MIPS brain protection system as well as a ventilation system.  The SE4 Composite is a sufficient helmet alternative.  It features emergency safety release cheek pads,  a precise custom fit, 3D contoured cheek pads, and the latest style at the track.  Troy Lee Designs has incorporated the same protection standards to every helmet.  Protect your head and wear Troy Lee Designs. 


2018 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite


This helmet is Troy Lee Designs latest.  Introducing new technology in collaboration with the SE4 design, this helmet is one of a kind.  The se4 polycrylite can endure the toughest accidents.  Also featuring MIPS technology, the rider can remain confident and ride at their full potential. 


Fundamentally, the products from troy lee designs are flawless.  Having been tested all across the world, racers agree that Troy Lee Designs is the most comfortable, durable, and protective.  Evidence of this is all the professionals that are currently representing Troy Lee Designs.  This includes, Cole Seely,  Shane McElrath, Alex Martin, Jordon Smith, Jessy Nelson, Taylor Robert, and Ivan Ramirez.  Troy Lee Designs products are the top of the market in style, safety, and durability.