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Troy Lee Designs SE4 Helmets

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Troy Lee Designs has been working for over two years on the release of the new motocross helmet the SE4. This new helmet is top of the line for Troy Lee Designs and utilizes the best safety features they have. Troy Lee Designs has totally removed the mouthpiece from the motocross helmet all together. They have done this in order to remove any potential area on the helmet to get caught up on the dirt if the rider does crash, or go down. The old mouth piece on the Troy Lee helmets and all other dirt bike helmets could get caught in the dirt increasing the rotational forces. The Se4 Helmet has also increased the EPS densities in both the top of the helmet by 8% and in the temporal zones by 13%. Troy Lee Designs has increased the EPS densities in the temporal zones due to their helmet studies showing that most of the impact occurs in that area. The SE4 helmet also has new visor screws that are made to easily break away when the rider falls and his visor hits the dirt. The reason for this is to again reduce the chance of rotational forces occurring from an accident. Also the new SE4 helmet from Troy Lee Designs includes three shell sizes versus two on the pervious SE3 helmets. This extra shell size will help with the proportional size of the helmet while on the rider. The intake vents on the SE4 have been blown up and are extremely open to increase air flow through the helmet and out the back exhaust vents. The shell is composed of both carbon fiber and Kevlar woven together. The new SE4 helmet also has new emergency release check pads. The check pads can easily be pulled out of the helmet while the dirt bike helmet is still on and then can remove the actual helmet with little to no movement while on the riders head. This is very important when dealing with serious injuries that do happen from time to time while riding a motorcycle. Also adding to the safety of the motocross helmet is the MIPS liner. MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This safety system acts like the fluid in your brain to help absorb and reduce, again the rotational forces that occur from an accident. MIPS is becoming more and more popular with motorcycle helmets today and will continue to become more popular. An additional safety feature in the SE4 helmet is the option to add an emergency eject system. There is a sticker inside the helmet on the MIPS protection where all you need to do is just remove the sticker and add the eject system, and it will rest nicely in the helmet and be almost unnoticeable. Outside of the awesome new safety features the new SE4 helmet brings to the table, you also get these awesome new paint designs. The helmets look like they have a custom style paint job and will match with a lot of different styles of motocross gear. Overall us here at BTO Sports are really happy with the new helmet and can’t wait to hear about the helmet from our customers.

The new SE4 Helmet comes in four different styles:

SE4 Carbon Factory

SE4 Carbon Twilight

SE4 Carbon Pinstripe

SE4 Carbon Midnight

SE4 Helmet Review Video

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