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Troy Lee Designs Motocross Gear

Troy Lee Designs Gear

Troy lee Designs is one of the most popular dirt bike gear brands in the industry. We have been carrying their items for our whole existence here at BTO Sports. Troy Lee has top of the line motocross gear to choose from. Everything from one of the best dirt bike helmets the SE4 all the way down to the entre level Air. The SE4 helmet is a new helmet from Troy Lee and finds its way as one of the best dirt bike helmets on the market today. They released the SE4 helmets in 2016 and we have a video below that showcases what the new helmet is all about. Just some of the many new safety features include an increase in EPS densities. Keep an eye out because we think this helmet will be setting the bench mark for all other dirt helmets moving forward from this point on.

Troy Lee Designs gear combos

Moving on to Troy Lee Designs gear combos you can find some of the best color ways and design out there on the market today. Troy has always decided to uses some of the best materials available for motocross gear manufactures when manufacturing their riding gear. If you wanted to look for the top of the line gear available from Troy Lee we would suggest the SE Air combo. This gear is worn by some of the world best motocross racers, including Cole Seeley and many others. If you are looking for a gear set that offers great comfort, great breathability, and great protection while riding, this is the ticket. Then you can jump to the GP gear line which will accommodate the mid-level rider price point. You will not lose any of the awesome style and color ways that Troy Lee incorportes in their ger.

Another great piece from the Troy Lee collection is their protection line. One of their most popular protection items would have to be their Catalyst X knee braces. They have brought this product to market to compete with the other top knee brace competitors. In order to compete the knee brace has to be of medical grade, which is the case for these particular braces. The brace weighs around 1.6 lbs which is one of the lightest braces on the market, and TLD will tell you the knee brace is one of the most comfortable. TLD also makes some of the best chest protectors like the CP5900 and the UPL 7855 protective shirt which provide great protection for the rider. You can also take a look at their high end under guards like the BP5705 protective pants and the BP5605 shorts. The last note we will make on Troy Lee's gear and that is the price. You will find some of the best quality when it comes to gear but you won’t find them at the highest price. They do a great job about giving the rider everything they can at very reasonable prices compared to the other top brands.

Troy Lee Designs

Troy Lee Designs

We also make sure to offer some of the best sales that you can find on the internet. We have built up such a great realationship with Troy Lee over the years that we are one of their biggest retailers. Because of this relationship we are able to offer some of the best deals on TLD gear. You can find our sale prices by either just shopping below, or you can navigate to our clearance section of the website. There you can find our lowest prices on all gear.

Troy Lee designs was brought about through the hobby of then teenager, Troy Lee. Thirty years later, Troy is still creating some of the best gear for riders and his love and enthusiasm for Motocross continues to shine through all that he and his team create. The motocross gear that is not only protective and comfortable, but is tops in style. He and his team have created many different protective and stylistic gear for riders. The motocross gear is crafted with the finest materials to ensure that each piece lasts through the toughest of rides.

When Troy first started out, he painted awesome designs on customized helmets. This hobby led him to begin a vast career that has spanned 30 years, allowing him to produce some of the best Troy Lee Designs dirt bike gear in the industry. His love of the sport shows in every piece that is created, allowing riders to share in his vision of artistry. TLD dirt bike accessories are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. From T-shirts and hoodies, to hats and shorts, they provide the best in Motocross gear for their fans. Their jersey/pant combos are worn by riders all over the country, proving that Troy Lee Designs motocross products are some of the best in the business.

    Troy Lee Designs Gear

    Troy Lee Designs Gear

    Through the use of innovative design, TLD's bike accessories have remained on the cutting edge of what is popular in Motocross. With their motocross accessories, riders all over the world are showing their pride. BTO Sports offers its customers a wide array of Troy Lee Designs dirt bike gear. We believe in offering the very best to our customers and that is why we choose to carry the Troy Lee Designs dirt bike gear.

    Troy Lee Designs dirt bike gear is the gear that true lovers of the sport want to be seen wearing. From head-to-toe, riders can deck themselves out in the best motocross gear. BTO Sports offers all of the dirt bike products that any rider could hope to find. We invite you to browse our motocross gear section so that you can find that perfect gear that you are looking for. Through BTO Sports, riders and motocross enthusiasts can find Troy Lee Designs dirt bike items at great prices.

    At Troy Lee Designs, there is a firm belief in the power of design and technology. Every day, "The World's Fastest Racers" get out there and put it all on the line. TLD strives to provide them with products that withstand the rigors of professional racing. Their simple mission is to make products with intelligent features that allow them to perform at their best. Troy Lee Designs takes great pride in the dirtbike helmets and other various motocross products they design and develop, replacing conventional ideas with out-of-the-box thinking. By addressing the demands of professional racers, they can deliver innovation to everyone. You can be sure that when you purchase a Troy Lee Designs helmet, you’re getting cutting edge technology, and an unbelievable looking helmet!

    Troy Lee Design Casual

    The Troy Lee Philosophy? Research & Development Creating products that innovate and lead the market requires a different way of thinking. TLD’s approach to solving problems is unique. By challenging conventions and turning problems upside-down to achieve advancements that are more intelligent. Their solutions, while sometimes complicated from an engineering standpoint, are designed to be simple, thoughtful and relevant. And of course, to stand out in a crowd! The end result is a line of Troy Lee Designs Helmets and other products that help you stay focused on your activity, and look great doing it. Troy Lee has thought company your equipment, so you don't have to. The conception of new and improved products happens through extensive research and development. New product development is a proactive process by which dedicated resources are allocated to identify market changes and seize upon new product opportunities before they occur. Basic science must exist to support a product's viability. And if the science is lacking, it must be discovered or invented.

    Troy Lee Designs Helmets

    Troy Lee Designs Helmets

    Troy Lee Seamlessly Blends Safety & Technology Safety is at the forefront of developing protective equipment. They have exclusively developed several new safety features into some of our Troy Lee Designs helmets, starting strongly with the Dual Density Shock Pad System – an exciting innovation that truly sets Troy Lee Designs Helmets. apart! With the debut of the revolutionary D3 Action Sports Helmet, they hav introduced an important advancement in impact management for Troy Lee Designs Helmets with the exclusive Dual Density Shock Pad System.

    Technology is a vital aspect of the product development process.Technology refers to the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques or systems, and affects human ability to control and adapt to natural environments. At Troy Lee Designs, we utilize the latest, most comprehensive and proven technologies at our disposal. Our designers rely on technology as their most valuable tool in turning their visions into reality. By nurturing this relationship between designers and vendors, they foster an environment without limits, where one pushes the other to a higher level of success. The result is a line of Troy Lee products that consistently improves over time.

    Troy Lee Designs SE3 Helmets

    Troy Lee Designs SE3 Helmets

    As the premier motorsports helmet in their line-up, the SE3 represents advancements of key, racer inspired features that make Troy Lee Designs helmets the benchmark with professional level off-road riders. The SE3 helmet utilizes innovative features that set it apart from the norm. Highly developed materials and processes, advanced composites and hardware along with systems and designs exclusive to TLD keep you protected in the most critical moment. The SE3 helmet is a must for every rider and condition. In The Box: •SE3 protective helmet •2 Vortex visors •Custom helmet bag •Instructions


    SE3 Features:

    •SNELL / DOT model 1500-1600 grams

    •Ultra lightweight machined cross-top titanium visor screws for durability and corrosion resistance

    •Visor features single point adjustability for custom height placement even with gloves on

    •Corrosion resistant titanium D-rings for superior strength and weight reduction

    •Removable mouthpiece and top scoop for color customization or damage replacement

    •SE3 helmet bag and 2 Vortex visors included

    •Nylon reinforcement polymer in key high-wear and impact zones

    •Removable, replaceable and washable comfort liner features moisture wicking Coolmax¬ and Dri-Lex¬ materials for a dryer/cooler fit


    Comfortable Fit:

    •Liner is constructed of 3 different foam densities that conform to the riders head for a custom, tailored feel

    •Removable cheek pads with additional sizes available to fit a variety of head shapes

    •Open cell foam and 3-layer mesh optimizes airflow and comfort

    •Revamped rear neck pad adds support and increases helmet stability for a more secure fit

    •Hand laid pre-preg carbon / composite / MCT weave blend for superior shell construction and weight reduction

    •Top layer UD (unidirectional) carbon weave provides strength and style

    •High modulus Kevlar reinforced high impact zones for increased strength and rigidity


    Ultimate Safety:

    •Hand laid pre-preg carbon / composite shell with Kevlar¬ reinforcement in high impact zones

    •Dual-density EPS liner decreases impact forces to the head and absorbs greater energy levels in more common low threshold impacts

    •Inner shock pad system is paired with the dual-density EPS liner to help absorb smaller impacts, withstand multiple hits and add greater durability for the EPS liner

    •Internal polyurethane chin bar liner with side EPS and dual-density materials for extra frontal impact energy absorption

    •Breakaway nylon visor inserts to shear away during a crash to prevent helmet snagging


    Maximum Airflow:

    •Aggressive top scoop and mouthpiece designed to channel more air through the helmet for added comfort

    •Integrated injection molded brow intake system to channel air up and over riders forehead

    •Multi-level internal ventilation system built into liner for increased airflow

    •4 rear exhaust vents expel heat from inside the helmet

    •Stainless steel mesh grills on all ports to keep out debris, but keep airflow at a maximum

    A Message From Troy Lee For over 30 years, I have been customizing helmets "For The World's Fastest Racers". Troy Lee Designs has since expanded into a full force operation, offering a complete line of helmets, apparel and premium protection for off-road motorcycling and bicycling, sportswear and accessories, and operating the TLD / GoPro / KTM supercross and motocross team. Peace and wheelies, Troy Lee

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Went from FLY racing gear to this and very impressed. Only thing is there jerseys are one size bigger than Flys so a XL troy lee is like a L Fly and the pants run small so a 30 Fly pant is like a 32 troy lee.


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