Troy Lee Designs Motocross Dirt Bike Gear Combos

Troy Lee Designs Motocross Gear Combos and Troy Lee Designs Dirt Bike Gear Combos

At Troy Lee Designs, there is a firm belief in the power of design and technology. Every day, "The World's Fastest Racers" get out there and put it all on the line. Troy Lee Designs strives to provide them with products that withstand the rigors of professional racing. Their simple mission is to make products with intelligent features that allow them to perform at their best.

Troy Lee Designs takes great pride in the dirtbike jerseys, pants, gloves and other various motocross products they design and develop, replacing conventional ideas with out-of-the-box thinking. By addressing the demands of professional racers, they can deliver innovation to everyone. This is especially true of Troy Lee Designs gear. You can be sure that when you purchase a Troy Lee Designs combo, you’re getting cutting edge technology, and an unbelievable looking set of motocross gear!

The Troy Lee Philosophy? Research & Development

Creating products that innovate and lead the market requires a different way of thinking. TLD’s approach to solving problems is unique. By challenging conventions and turning problems upside-down to achieve advancements that are more intelligent. Their solutions, while sometimes complicated from an engineering standpoint, are designed to be simple, thoughtful and relevant. And of course, to stand out in a crowd! The end result is a line of Troy Lee Designs Helmets and other products that help you stay focused on your activity, and look great doing it. Troy Lee has thought company your equipment, so you don't have to.

The conception of new and improved products happens through extensive research and development. New product development is a proactive process by which dedicated resources are allocated to identify market changes and seize upon new product opportunities before they occur. Basic science must exist to support a product's viability. And if the science is lacking, it must be discovered or invented.

Troy Lee Designs MX Gear

Safety is at the forefront of developing protective equipment. Troy Lee Designs gear has exclusively developed safety features that are both new and exciting. From head to toe, Troy Lee Designs gear is a testament to their technological advances in motocross apparel.

Technology is a vital aspect of the product development process. And that certainly includes their legendary mx apparel. Technology refers to the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques or systems, and affects human ability to control and adapt to natural environments. At Troy Lee Designs, we utilize the latest, most comprehensive and proven technologies at our disposal. Our designers rely on technology as their most valuable tool in turning their visions into reality. The result? Truly sick-looking TLD dirt bike gear combos!

By nurturing this relationship between designers and vendors, Troy Lee creates an environment without limits, where one pushes the other to a higher level of success. The result is a line of Troy Lee products that consistently improves over time.

Troy Lee Designs Combos

TLD SE gear has spent many years being developed and perfected into the superior line it is today, with a heavy focus on three key features: performance, function and durability. So, when you get your new Troy Lee Designs dirt bike gear combo, you will immediately feel the difference! The combination of both perforated and heavy grade polyester, stretch material, and top grade leather, make this the perfect line of gear for everything from adventure to enduro riding.

The jersey included in a Troy Lee Designs combo features lightweight ventilated polyester mesh back and sleeves. This will keep the rider cool and comfortable. Breathable stretch poly materials are the key! Sewn-in elbow padding gives premium protection, while a gel print on the tail keeps the jersey in place. Add to all this some 4-Way stretch collar and cuffs, and you have a true winner!

Now let’s talk about the pants included in a Troy Lee Designs gear combo. Believe the hype! Start with a ratchet closure system for waist and a sliding rear yoke stretch system that keeps these pants in place. Fortify these motocross pants with a 900 Denier polyester for strength and durability. Right there you’re off to a great start! And 2-Way stretch Panels at the rear knee, calf and crotch will make these pants “true to size”. Top it all off with Grade A cowhide leather panels and an articulated fit for performance, and you’ll get the full picture on what makes a Troy Lee Designs combo one of the very best on the market.

SE Gear

The Troy Lee Designs SE gear combos have been around for a while now, and have continuously been one of their most popular motocross combos. That’s because the SE Air has always been the perfect blend of design and performance that riders crave out on the track. The 2018 Troy Lee Designs SE Air Shadow Jersey comes in two different color palettes. The first of which is neon yellow & orange that is sure to be an attention grabber. The second is a darker and subdued red & navy combo that will appeal to more conservative riders. Both dirt bike jerseys have matching pants that allows riders to don the full SE Air Shadow look.

The 2018 Troy Lee jerseys were inspired by the iconic racewear that was worn by the pioneers of the sport. This newest rollout is trying to recapturing the energy and excitement that made the era so iconic. The Troy Lee Designs SE Air Shadow Jersey is a fresh new look that draws its inspiration from old school motocross jerseys.

The designers at Troy Lee put their heads together to come up with this full featured dirt bike jersey. The primary design feature of the 2018 Troy Lee Designs SE Air Shadow motocross jersey is the polyester mesh fabric. This lightweight material utilizes large mesh pores to keep the rider well ventilated while they work up a sweat. This is an important detail that helps keep rider comfortable and performing to their full potential. The mesh comes in handy on sunny days or while riding the hot desert tracks across the world. The moisture wicking material draws moisture away from the skin and onto the fabric where it can evaporate with ease and has a cooling effect on the rider.

So the more a rider sweats, the better it works .This dirt bike jersey has a few other notable features like the sewn in elbow protection. The sleeves feature additional padding around the elbows that give riders a bit more protection. The elbow padding is meant to supplement the use of an elbow guard, and not meant to be a replacement.

The 2018 Troy Lee Designs SE Air Shadow Pants are constructed from 500 denier polyester that does a tremendous job at keeping riders cool and comfortable. The polyester is blended with a mesh material which provides some much needed ventilation to the riders’ lower regions. The ventilation capabilities of the SE Air Shadow Pants and SE Air Shadow Jersey make them one of the most breathable gear combos on the market!

These motocross pants are reinforced in critical areas with 900 denier polyester, which gives the Shadow pants some extra strength & durability but also a longer lifespan in general! That’s because this heavy duty polyester does an excellent job resisting tears and abrasion that would ruin lower quality dirt bike pants. In critical areas, the shadow pants have even more reinforcement in the form of double and triple stitching to keep the seams from tearing apart. Despite all the durability, the Troy Lee Designs SE Air Shadow Pants strike a good balance between flexibility and strength.

These motocross pants have been engineered with two way stretch panels behind the knees, calves and in the crotch area. Combine this with the decent flex that the 500D polyester mesh provides, and you have yourself a flexible pair of motocross pants!

The Shadow pants have a zillion other features that allow them to stand out amongst the crowd. Riders who have worn the SE Air pants before will notice that the overall fit has been overhauled for the new season. The 2018 Troy Lee Designs SE Air Shadow Pants have a more athletic fit than in previous years that make them more optimal for racing in.

The dirt bike pants are fastened to the riders’ waist with a special ratchet closure system that helps to prevent the pants from moving up and down. That’s because Troy Lee gear helps to improve performance, and not hinder it. Another convenient feature is the leather panels on the inside of the knee that serve two purposes: They guard the riders’ legs from excess heat coming off the bike while also giving the rider some additional grip. Another nice touch on these motocross pants is that all the zippers are high quality YKK brand zippers.

GP Gear

This is one of the more ambitious and inspired designs in the whole 2018 Troy Lee gear lineup. Troy Lee and his designers are artists. They are constantly looking for new ideas to inspire the next wave of trends. According to Maki Ushiroyama, the head designer at Troy Lee, this dirt bike jersey was inspired by the videogame Minecraft®. The pixilation and cubism on this gear set are reminiscent of the popular building block game. For now, The 2018 Troy Lee Designs GP Air Maze Jersey comes in two different colorways. The first of which is a cool turquoise & navy palette. The other is black & white that sort of resembles television static.

The simple design fits right in to what Troy Lee is trying to accomplish, stylistically, with their dirt bike jerseys. The designers were trying to come up with iconic designs, and felt that repeating patterns and minimal colors were the right approach to achieve this goal.

The 2018 Troy Lee Designs GP Air Jersey has a number of cool features that make it a perfect choice for all types of riders. This motocross jersey does well in all riding conditions, but performs significantly well in hot conditions. The GP Air has some key features that directly combat the heat and keep riders cool while they burn up the track.

First, the entire dirt bike jersey is made up of a polyester& mesh blend that provides fantastic airflow. The large-holed mesh takes advantage of the rider’s forward momentum to capture as much cool air as possible. The incredible air flow that this jersey provides works really well with the moisture wicking properties of the material. We all know how much work it strength & endurance it takes to swing a heavy bike around a track. It doesn’t take long to work up a sweat.

That’s why Troy Lee gear is moisture wicking. Their motocross jerseys draw sweat and moisture away from the skin and into the fabric where it can evaporate. This process also keeps the rider from over-heating, which is important for desert terrain and hot days.

Every day, MX athletes get out there and put it all on the line. We here at BTO Sports strive to provide them with products that withstand the rigors of dirt bike riding and racing. And Troy Lee Designs certainly merits mention with those standards. In short, they offer products with intelligent features that allow riders of every skill level to perform at their best. There’s a reason that TLD is at the top of the list of quality MX gear companies. In fact, there’s many reasons!

Troy Lee Designs takes great pride in the products they design and develop, especially their TLD dirt bike gear combos! They’re replacing conventional ideas with out-of-the-box thinking. By addressing the demands of professional racers, they deliver innovation to everyone. And it is with great pride that we offer Troy Lee Designs dirt bike gear combos right here at BTO Sports.

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