Utopia Motocross Goggles

Utopia Motocross Goggles and Utopia Dirt Bike Goggles

Utopia motocross goggles feature 100% Lexan lenses, that are scratch-resistant and made to stand up to UVA and UVB rays. With Utopia dirt bike goggles you will have an increased peripheral vision, through the wide optical area in the lenses. The Utopia motocross goggle gives you a sweat mop-lined frame that quickly wicks any sweat away and keeps it from clouding your vision. You will never have to feel the sting of sweat in your eyes, while wearing the Utopia goggle!

The double-buckle woven strap on Utopia motocross goggles keep them them in place, while you ride. You can adjust them, with ease and the strap of the Utopia dirt bike goggles is silicon lined, for increased gripping power, with no slip. Utopia goggles feature the ever-important roll-off system that gives you consistent visibility, in any kind of weather, or muddy condition. Finally, you can have a steady and clear vision field, by wearing Utopia motocross goggles on even your most grueling of rides.

Whether you choose the Utopia goggles Warrant line or the Slayer Pro, you will be getting consistent performance that you can rely on. One of their most popular goggles, the Too Dirty goggle, continues to offer attractive design and function in the Utopia goggles lineup. Utopia dirt bike goggles are insanely flexible, making them comfortable against your face, no matter how long you ride.

With an extremely comfortable foam lining, you will never have to worry about pressure points or discomfort. No matter how rough you ride, you will find comfort, protection and the best vision experience you could ever ask for. You won't have to compromise a single aspect of getting the best in vision gear!