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Von Zipper goggles

Von Zipper is a company that has been in business since 1999. Since its humble beginnings, it has created quite a cult following through its loyal customers that love the protection, visibility, and the style that Von Zipper Goggles offers. For riders who demand the very best, Von Zipper Goggles delivers.

Von Zipper

Von Zipper MX goggles

The Von Zipper Goggles motocross gear offers several styles that are available in a variety of colors. With each model of Von Zipper Goggles dirt bike gear, the rider will have maximum visibility, with the style that riders crave. The Bushwick MX Goggle is crafted to keep the dirt away from a rider's field of vision so that they have undistorted vision throughout their ride. These Von Zipper Goggles have an integrated helmet hinge for optimizing the perfect fit around the helmet without distorting the frame, or vision. This goggle is one of the higher end goggles on the market as it is equipped with a thermo-polyurethane injection molded frame.

This frame construction optimizes the durability give riders a reliable goggle they will be confident in wearing. Along with that, the lens that come with this goggle are 100% UV protection lenses that help cut down glare, and will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Topping off these gloves is the moisture-wicking, polor fleece-lined, quad-density, oversized face foam that keeps debris out of the goggle while providing maximum comfort and protection.

Von Zipper Goggles

Von Zipper Goggles

The Sizzle MX Goggle is another popular model of Von Zipper Goggles. They provide 100% UV protection and are available in nine colors and styles. Some of the features on these Von Zipper motocross goggles consist of a smaller frame size to improve fitment on all helmets, wide lenses for better peripheral vision, a detachable strap that utilizes the tear-off pin clip, and an anti-fog coated cylindrical lens. Along with that, the frame is constructed with a moisture-wicking oversized face foam that improves comfort and functionality as it keeps the debris from entering the goggle. The line of Von Zipper Goggles also offers the Porkchop MX Goggle.

This Von Zipper Goggle offers superior flexibility and comfort, with a wide peripheral vision as well. Most of the features that have been stated come standard on most Von Zipper MX goggles, but each goggle is differentiated with its own graphic design, and slight variations of features. Von Zipper also offers Trike Goggles that are perfect for youth riders. They provide 100% UV protection and allow for increased vision with an anti-fog coating and a wide peripheral vision.

Von Zipper Brand

Not only does Von Zipper Goggles dirt bike gear offer goggles, but they also offer goggle accessories. Their goggle zipper cases provide unmatched protection and are capable of holding two pairs of goggles, with up to four lenses. Padded with extra protection, they keep the Von Zipper Goggle motocross models safe and free from scratches and other damage. Von Zipper Goggle motocross gear is made to fit most riders. With an adjustable strap, they fit easily with the vast majority of helmets and on most head sizes. It is important that riders have goggles to protect their eyes from the damage that can be caused by the elements, dirt, and debris during a typical ride. With the Von Zipper Goggles dirt bike models, riders can rest assured that their eyes are protected.

BTO Sports offers its customers a wide variety of Von Zipper Goggles motocross models. Through the many different styles and colors that are offered, riders are sure to find a Von Zipper Goggles dirt bike model that they will love. BTO Sports wants to provide the very best for its customers and that is why the Von Zipper Goggles motocross models are one of their hottest products.

 Von Zipper

Von Zipper

Von Zipper goggles are all about unparalleled protection and safety without any sacrifice of personality and fun. The Von Zipper mission is premium goggles, from the drawing board to the track. Von Zipper goggles are the end result of a company ethos that values creativity not just at the design stage, but also throughout development, manufacturing, and delivery. The rebel mindset is alive and well in motocross generally, and among fans of Von Zipper goggles and other products.

Since 2000, the group of friends behind Von Zipper has been bringing the California way of thinking and sense of style to motocross everywhere. From the company's early days in a modest San Clemente warehouse, DIY attitudes and a sense of freedom above all else have driven the business. Now, Von Zipper remains dedicated to those same values, plus the pursuit of creative excellence and high MX function and style.

Von Zipper goggles are, in a sense, specialty equipment. Each pair boasts an advanced lens coating, and VZ lenses should always be cleaned with goggle bags or microfiber lens cleaning cloths, and cleaning fluids intended for lenses in particular. Don't take a greasy shirt, towel, or paper napkin to your Von Zipper goggles! And avoid things like glass cleaner and dish soap so you won't destroy the high performance coating on your lenses. Last tip? Keep your specialized equipment in the right place where it's protected. In the case of Von Zipper goggles, use a hard case.

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Shoping for Von Zipper goggles at BTO Sports is a breeze. Our selection is top-of-the-line, and we make every pair's features totally clear. Which pair is best for your needs and features? You can find out here on our site. Focus your search based on which features you need most, along with where you ride; mud riders are often in need of tear-off lens systems, for example.

The best motocross goggles are designed to filter out the worst of the Sun's rays while maximizing physical protection for the rider. There is plenty in the way of styles to choose from here at BTO Sports, and we know you'll love your Von Zipper goggles from the very first ride. At BTO it's simple to find the Von Zipper goggles that gives you the comfort, look, and protection you want and need. Reach out to our professional staff anytime you've got questions. We are here to help.