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Womens Dirt Bike Pants

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Women's Dirt Bike Pants

That's right: some of the fastest dudes on the trails and tracks today aren't dudes at all. Women are also tearing through over the trails and spraying roost across the finish line. BTO Sports isn't just catching onto this trend, either. We've been carrying great women's MX gear as part of our dirt bike gear selection for years, and our amazing selection of women's dirt bike pants is no exception.

Women's dirt bike pants: why bother?

It may seem like no big deal whether you wear men's or women's dirt bike pants, but when it comes down to a dynamic sport like MX, fit differences can really cramp your style—and affect your finish. Obviously, men's dirt bike pants don't always look as good as women's dirt bike pants. But not being flattering is just part of the problem.

Women's motocross pants are specifically designed to avoid the fit problems that women riders experience when they try to wear standard men's cut pants. Mens MX pants ride up too high on female racers, and the protective edge of even high end gear can get lost without the perfect fit. Women's dirt bike pants help to protect you from injury with built in special features and smart designs that keep them in place on the female body, no matter how much it's moving.

More choices and styles in women's motocross pants

At BTO Sports, we search far and wide to bring you all of the options in women's riding gear including women's dirt bike pants. In past years it was much tougher to find more great options for female riders; often as a woman or girl riding MX your choices were men's gear or a lower quality women's option that came in pink only.

These days it's different! Check out our awesome selection of women's motocross pants in a rainbow of colors with all kinds of cool graphics. You won't burn through these women's dirt bike pants anytime soon, because they're built to last out of great materials. Look for abrasion resistant fabrics with reinforced panels in the seats, thighs, and knees which guard against chafing and burns. You'll also note that our line of women's motocross pants features the lower cuts that women's motocross pants are known for.

You'll also love the brands we stock every day for our female riders. At BTO Sports we carry Answer women's dirt bike pants, women's Fly racing pants, Fox women's motocross pants, women's O'Neal dirt bike pants, Thor women's dirt bike pants, women's Troy Lee Designs motocross pants, and more. Have questions about which women's dirt bike pants are the right choice for you? Give us a call anytime. We can help you choose the perfect women's motocross pants for your track and trail needs.

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