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Yoshimura Dirt Bike Exhausts

No single after-market purchase can dramatically affect your bike’s speed and performance like a new performance motorcycle exhaust. By investing in a new Yoshimura motorcycle exhaust, you really are turning your recreational dirt bike into a bona fide racing machine. There are many Yoshimura exhaust systems to choose from here at BTO Sports, and we have the selection and staff to help you choose the correct Yoshimura motorcycle exhaust for your particular needs. And we can do so with your exact budgetary needs in mind as well!


Yoshimura Exhaust Systems

Building performance exhaust systems for the factory race efforts improves their research and development, which improves the overall performance of their products. Adapting technology they learn on the track to their consumer products is what makes the Yoshimura name synonymous with quality and performance. One look at their RS-9 and RS-4 exhaust systems illustrates the endless cycle of development. Working in conjunction with the factory teams has provided Yoshimura with new ways to increase performance, lower sound levels and centralize mass. The end result is a product that gives you an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Let’s give you a brief look at one of the most popular Yoshimura exhaust models on our site, and you will learn quickly the difference between a performance motorcycle exhaust system, and what you are currently using on your stock dirt bike.

Types of Yoshimura Exhaust systems

The brand new Yoshimura RS-9D exhaust features a dual-muffler configuration on the redesigned 2013 CRF450R and was designed specifically for the new Honda. Yoshimura worked in secret with Top AMA Pro Riders: Jeremy McGrath, Justin Barcia, Trey Canard, Eli Tomac, and Justin Brayton, to achieve maximum performance, mass centralization, and optimize rider-usability. Yoshimura was able to achieve all this, while keeping sound levels in check with AMA Regulation.

Features of the Yoshimura RS-9D Exhaust

It all starts with the head-pipe; a 3-stage tapered design results in better power, better throttle response, and usable power delivery. It is also spring mounted for increased durability. The header flows seamlessly into a re-configured tail-pipe, where the exhausts gases are separated to each muffler. Yoshimura's vertical divider splits the exhaust gases more evenly, for smoother flow, which improves mid-top power and throttle response.

Divided exhausts gases then reach our new, dual RS-9 mufflers, hence RS-9D. RS-9's parallelogram-shaped muffler body increases muffler volume over the stock system, resulting in better throttle response and improved noise cancellation. The dual setup enabled us to position the mufflers closer to the bike's center of gravity (mass centralization) resulting in better handling for the rider. An additional benefit of the mass centralization process was decreasing potential for muffler damage in the event of crash.

The Yoshimura RS-9D exhaust not only makes more power and torque possible, but does it more quietly than single systems. The uniquely sculpted Carbon Fiber end-caps feature a Tunable Insert System, able to fine-tune power delivery and decibel levels to rider specifications.

Yoshimura RS-4 Exhaust

AMA Pro and Amateur sound legal... out of box. Yoshimura R&D has developed an evolutionary new exhaust system. The all-new Yoshimura RS-4 was designed after extensive testing and the results are profound. The Yoshimura RS-4 exhaust system was designed with one thing in mind, winning races. The RS-4 is a unique design with predicated power, and a quiet earthy exhaust note that speaks volumes for performance. It was an obvious choice for the Yamaha YZ250F and YZ450F.

Pro Series Full Systems include an RS-4 muffler, titanium header, Titanium or Carbon Fiber tail pipe, AMA Pro Racing insert, all necessary hardware, and detailed installation instructions to get you moving. These are just two of the many Yoshimura exhaust systems available right here at BTO Sports.

Yoshimura Dirt Bike Exhaust Systems

BTO Sports has been a dealer for Yoshimura exhausts and we can say with confidence that customer satisfaction with these exhausts is astounding. There is no dispute among Factory Race Teams- Yoshimura is one of the absolute best exhaust systems on the market. It bears repeating- No single after-market purchase can dramatically affect your bike’s speed and performance like a new performance Yoshimura motorcycle exhaust. Get yourself a top-end motorcycle exhaust today, and feel the difference!