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Yamaha YZ125

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The Yamaha YZ125 is the perfect transition bike from the junior circuit to the “big boy bikes.” With responsive power characteristics, a light aluminum frame housing, amazing power-to-weight ratio and fatigue-reducing racing attributes, the YZ125 is one of the world’s most popular motocross bikes.

With race-out-of-the-crate flexibility, the YZ125 includes an aluminum handlebar, titanium foot pegs, and a premium & comfortable gripper seat. A clear cut above the 85cc motocross class of dirt bikes, the Yamaha YZ125 is made for winners – now and into the future.

Since the YZ125 is in such high demand, there’s a trade-off – sometimes, finding dirt bike parts for this bike can be next to impossible. And for Yamaha racing enthusiasts, that can be a big problem. But there’s an easy solution, and it’s not your local dirt bike parts store. It’s BTO Sports.

Your Yamaha YZ125 Dirt Bike Parts Source
The BTO Sports Yamaha YZ125 parts garage is stocked & stuffed with over 700 of your favorite frame parts, exhaust components, handlebars, shocks, tires, wheels, decals in more. If it’s on a Yamaha YZ125 dirt bike, it’s in our parts selection. When riders need Yamaha YZ125 parts, there’s a clear choice: BTO Sports.

Ranging well over a decade’s worth of both new and vintage Yamaha YZ125 models (from 2002 – 2014), the BTO Sports Yamaha YZ125 motocross parts store offers outstanding selection and prices that simply can’t be beat. Plus, we offer a responsive, rapid shipping service for Yamaha YZ125 parts. This means that you’ll get any part delivered as quickly as possible. Unlike other online dirt bike parts providers, BTO Sports processes and ships most orders the same day. Waiting is a bummer – as riders ourselves, we realize this.

If you can’t find the Yamaha YZ125 dirt bike parts for your bike, please call our parts specialists directly at (888) 613-3393. Our attention to detail and friendly, customer-first philosophy is just one reason Yamaha riders rely on BTO Sports for everything from a fork kit to a fender.  

Along with the YZ125, we carry parts for other Yamaha bikes. Feel free to shop around – the store is open 24/7! For additional information about your Yamaha YZ125 motocross parts order, or to reach us via email or chat session, please visit the BTO Sports contact page.

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