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    Michelin - Pilot Road 4 Front/Rear Tire Combo

    Product Code: michelin-pilot-road-4-tire-combo

    Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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    Michelin - Pilot Road 4 Front/Rear Tire Combo

    Enhance your riding experience with the Michelin - Pilot Road 4 Front/Rear Tire Combo and feel the difference in performance with every ride. These top of the line street tires are guaranteed to bring smiles to your face with every turn and will generate a great deal of excitement every time you throw your leg over the bike. The Michelin - Pilot Road 4 Front/Rear Tire Combo provides riders with confidence while riding in the wet weather conditions with their new innovative technology and is inspired by years of research and development to produce a high quality, race performance road tire. These motorcycle tires are equipped with superior weather performance technology that increases the stopping power up to 4 times the regular/average amount of other tires and the tread life is guaranteed to be the longest in its class. The 20% longer tread life means you will have more time on the bike, more money in your pocket, and less time spent in the garage. These Michelin - Pilot Road 4 Front/Rear Tire Combo are dependable, reliable, and able to outperform the competition that integrates the new Michelin 2 CT technology that also incorporates the all new silica charged rubber compound to provide you with the superior grip and handling. These Michelin - Pilot Road 4 Front/Rear Tire Combo are also equipped with the new XST siping and enhanced tire tread patterns that optimize cornering grip, traction, and handling throughout your entire ride. These tires are intended for sport touring use and are designed to give you the best experience while hitting the wide open back country roads! Feel the difference on your next ride with the Michelin - Pilot Road 4 Front/Rear Tire Combo


    The Pilot Road 4 from Michelin is the next generation of sport bike tires. Designed to deliver maximum safety in most conditions, the Pilot Road 4 excels in wet roads where braking performance is essential.Covering all riders in all conditions, the enhanced safety built in to the Pilot Road 4 tires ensure you have the safest, longest lasting tire on the road today. 


    • Superior wet weather performance - Stops 4x shorter in the wet than the competition
    • Longest tread life in it's class - up to 20% longer
    • Dependable  Grip in challenging coditions - Michelin's 2CT technology with all new sillica charged rubber compounds for excellent grip
    • New XST+ siping and enhanced tread patterns for optimum grip
    • Pilot Road 4 for all around sport touring use