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Azonic - Flat Iron Pedals (Bicycle)

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    Azonic - Flat Iron Pedals (Bicycle)

    Do you want MTB accessories and BMX accessories you can trust and quickly love? Check out the AZONIC – Flat Iron Pedals (Bicycle). AZONIC is a company that began introducing top of the line, high quality in 1989. Engineered, tested and true to the original belief, AZONIC produces mountain bike accessories and BMX accessories that professional athletes were committed to since day one, so why shouldn’t you be? The AZONIC – Flat Iron Pedals (Bicycle) are equipped with fatty set pins that can be tampered with by an Allen wrench for easy installation and removal. There are micro pins on the AZONIC – Flat Iron Pedals (Bicycle) are used to decrease the weight, but increase the traction and durability, and can be used with knobby shoes. A unique customization feature that these pedals have is that you can customize the AZONIC – Flat Iron Pedals (Bicycle) by using a mixture of pin configurations (sold with two sets of pins). Constructed from 6061 – T6 forged aluminum, the body of this MTB and BMX accessory has a low profile that has a thickness of 10mm which brings the riders foot closer to the spindle axis providing abundant amount of feeling and weight reduction. Whether you a cruising down the street or shredding down the trails, the incredibly lightweight AZONIC – Flat Iron Pedals (Bicycle) will be a great fit for you; weighing in at 345g (0.76 pounds) as a pair, this top of the line mountain bike accessory will leave you wondering why you didn’t get them sooner.

    Super low profile design - 10mm THIN!  This pedals low profile brings the riders foot closer to the spindle axis, increasing the "rider feel" and redusing weight.

    Replaceable pins - Pedals come with two sets of pins.  "Fatty" pins for durability and use with knobby shoes as well as "micro" pins for decreased weight and increased traction


    • 10mm thin
    • 6061-T6 Forged aluminum
    • 4130 Chromoly spindle
    • Oversized, sealed outboard bearing with additional internal bushing
    • Removeable allen set pins
    • Average weight: 345g/Pair