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Adidas Sunglasses | Goggles

Adidas Sunglasses

Adidas is entering the world of mountain biking, BMX and cycling! Here at BTO Sports, we have a great selection of their new line of BMX and Mountain Bike goggles and the cycling sunglasses. Adidas is typically known for their footwear for sports like running, soccer, and other sports that could fall into the track and field category.

Adidas Sunglasses

If you are familiar with Adidas production line, you will know that their products are made with the upmost quality as they use top of the line materials in all of their products. It is not often you see a company that excels in traditional sports transition into the world of action sports, but today, you do! Adidas has produce a line of Mountain Bike, BMX and cycling goggles and sunglasses for every to enjoy! Whether you are an avid downhill racer, BMX racer, or a casual cycler looking for some sick new eyewear, we have you covered!

We proudly bring to you the new line of 2 Adidas mountain bike goggles and BMX goggles, and the 3 new Adidas sport cycling sunglasses. We have the Adidas Backland dirt goggles, the ID2 dirt goggles, and the Evil Eye Halfirm, the Zonyk and the Evil Eye EVP Pro sunglasses. The Sunglasses are designed specifically to up your style game with riding through the streets. Not to say you can’t wear these cycling glasses in the trails on your mountain bike, but you will definitely turn heads while cycling on the road. They Evil Eye Halfirm Sunglasses come in three different color schemes are custom designed with on and off road cycling in mind

Addidas Goggles

These Sunglasses have state of the art features that make them one of the best on the market for both types of riding. They feature adjustable arms for personalized fitment. These adjustable arms feature 3 different positions templates to provide each wearer with a personalized fitment that is comfortable! The Evil Eye Halfirm Glasses come with the new LST technology in the lenses. The lenses are made with a unique, light stabilizing technology that enhances the overall vision of the rider. This technology in the lenses of the Evil Eye Halfirm sunglasses enables you to have immaculate vision because it acts as a color equalizer to enhance your perception of pure primary colors to create less strain on your eyes.

Another version of the Evil Eye sunglasses from Adidas is the Evil Eye EVP Pro Glasses. These sunglasses are similar to the Halfrim as they feature the same LST lenses, but have a completely different style and color scheme. These Evil Eye EVP pro Glasses also offer superior technology as they detachable foam bar helps to prevent sweat from dripping into your line of sight. Along with that, the foam bar features a hydrophobic lens to deter moisture and prevent fogging. Finally, these Adidas Evil Eye EVP pro Glasses have the Climacool ventilation that is featured in the Adidas goggles! This ventilation system allows for full ventilation of the sunglasses to help you stay focused all ride long. Grab yours today before they are all gone!


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