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Womens Mountain Bike Helmets

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Women's Mountain Bike Helmets

Women's mountain bike helmets have really come into their own in recent years. There is no need to choose from just a few basic styles and colors anymore, or settle for a one size fits all bucket. No matter what your riding style looks like, BTO Sports has the innovative, stylish women's MTB helmets you want to keep you riding safely. Choose from a wide variety of helmet styles perfect for all styles, ages, and activities at BTO Sports. We've got all the brands you love: Fly Racing, Troy Lee Designs, 6D, Kali Protectives, Seven iDP, Scott, 100%, Leatt, Uvex, and more. We've got the options that are engineered for safety and designed for looks. Shopping for

Women's MTB Helmets

More choices can seem more confusing, but you'll love the versatility you get from our selection. We carry sport helmet styles for those who love all kinds of cycling and variety. For the toughest mountain bike enthusiasts we've got state of the art women's MTB helmets made from the most durable materials, built to last you through every hit, descent, and crash in the dirt and mud. You'll love the way our women's mountain bike helmets offer you aerodynamic, lightweight fit for better breathability and speed while providing you with the same coverage and protection you demand from your MTB helmet. After all, who wants to sacrifice comfort for safety—or vice versa? We've got the comfortable fits, sleek looks, colorful hues, and funky designs that will catch your eye and help you express your personality doing the sport you love. What to Look For in a Women's Mountain Bike Helmet As you shop for your new women's mountain bike helmet, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. Above all you're looking for the right blend of quality, protection, lightweight comfort, and style. The key components of top quality women's MTB helmets are as follows. Each women's mountain bike helmet has a liner, typically made of expanded polystyrene foam. The liner is what takes most of the impact when you crash; it protects your head by crushing around it, absorbing the force. Women's MTB helmets also have shells which are usually crafted of ultra-tough polyethylene plastic. The shell is used to give the helmet a style and look and is often colorful, but its real purpose is to hold the helmet intact during a crash and protect your head from sharp debris like sticks, rocks, and pieces of the road. There is also considerable variation from helmet to helmet in terms of ventilation; the more vents a helmet has—and the more aerodynamically effective they are—the cooler that helmet will be. A women's mountain bike helmet will also have straps, and their style can vary. In terms of helmet weight, obviously the more protection you can get while carrying less weight around on your neck, the better. Still not sure which women's mountain bike helmet is for you? At BTO Sports we love assisting our fellow riders, so please contact your pro rider friends at BTO to learn more about our women's MTB helmets.