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Youth Bike Gloves

Get Mountain Bike and BMX Gloves

At BTO Sports we help you make safety one of your kid's great habits. Start your children off early the right way by emphasizing safety and comfort along with style on the track in youth bike gloves engineered and designed especially for little hands. Our kids BMX gloves are built to last, stay stable on your child's hands, and reduce hand fatigue with proper padding in the right spots.

Looking for MTB or BMX Gloves? Look no further. BTO Sports has a wide selection of Mountain Bike and BMX Gloves in order to fit your individual riding needs. Check out our low prices below.

Benefits of Mountain Bike and Kids BMX Gloves

As you plan to gear up your child for biking, youth bike gloves are probably not what comes to your mind first. But kids BMX gloves protect your kid's hands from blisters, cold, and vibrations. And when a fall finally happens—and it will, it's part of the sport—youth bike gloves also protect your child's hands from abrasions.

Another great benefit from wearing kids BMX gloves is the improved control and grip. In fact, this boosted control is one of the most important reasons your child needs youth bike gloves. Everything from rain and other bad weather to sweat renders handlebars slick, and kids BMX gloves mean fewer avoidable mistakes on the course. By wearing youth bike gloves, your little renegade also gets far more protection from friction; the constant movement between the handlebars and those little hands can make for some serious rubbing. This can cause chafing and blisters that can ruin a ride fast and even lose a race. Most kids BMX gloves also have enough padding to help prevent chronic conditions linked to biking, like carpal tunnel syndrome and numbness.

Choosing Youth Bike Gloves Different kinds of biking demand different tools. Your child's gloves should protect them under the various conditions known to exist for their particular sport and preferences. For off-road biking done by BMX riders, grip and protection are the most important benefits of kids BMX gloves. Whether your child is racing on dirt tracks, jumping over boulders, or riding trails, he or she needs to stay in control of the handlebars with his or her hands working like an extension of the bike. Choose youth bike gloves with padded, textured palms for maximum grip and protection over time. Also shop for durability; remember, there will be crashes, and your child will be bracing against them with his or her hands. Ideally, your kid should try on more than one pair and size of kids BMX gloves. Youth bike gloves that are too big lead to too much sliding around, chafing, and reduced gripping power. Contact the BTO Sports experts for help choosing kids BMX gloves today.