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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

Fox Racing - Comp 5 Undertow Boot

Product Code: Fox-2012-Comp5-Undertow-Boot

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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Fox Racing - Comp 5 Undertow Boot

Comfort and value is what the Fox Comp 5 Undertow boot is all about!! Fox is no stranger to the MX industry and with the Fox Comp 5 Undertow boot, they bring style at an affordable price.  This boot entails full upper leather construction which ensures an easy break in & long life. The buckles are constructed out of aluminum and feature a soft-touch pivor lock ensuring your buckles stay in place whether it be out on trails or putting in a moto. For riders looking to make a style statement that won't break the bank, check out the Fox Comp 5 Undertow boot. 


  • Race bonded outsole brings a new level of comfort & durability to value-priced off-road boots
  • Full leather upper construction ensures an easy break in & long life
  • Ultra easy aluminum soft-touch pivot lock buckles lock down securely & operate smoothly
  • Anatomically contoured construction in shin plate & outer medial plastic guarantee free, easy movement without binding
  • Colors: Black & White
  • Sizes: 8-13

This is the worst fox product I have ever purchased


I had a pair of these when I was on 85s and they were great! Then I grew out of them and my dad had a new pair of fox fx3? I believe that I wore and they were also a great boot. So I had a good first impression on fox boots. I moved up to big bikes this year and needed a new pair of boots. Due to past experience, I went cheap and bought these boots. The day the got here I put them on and went to do twenty minute motos. They were quite uncomfortable but I just figured theY needed to be broken in. When I got done and went to take the boots off, the base of the bottom clip on each boot was broken in pieces. Luckily my old black boots clip thing fit it. Overall these are a bad boot. Just spend a hundred more dollars and get a good hinge boots.


Michigan, US




Best thing for this boots: very comfortable to wear! Style rocks!


Hong kong


happy i went comp 5 undertoe


great product


port pirie australia


My order


They were shipped very poorly along with all of the other things that i ordered as well shoved in the same box. The velcro overlap is bulged out from shipping and makes them look bad as a first impression. Not that i care but i wouldve hoped to see my $300+ order shipped a little more in a caring matter.




Awsome boots


Great boots . Very fast delivery


Geraldton WA


All around good boots!


I bought the boots and went straight to redbud! The toe room was a little tight until broke in but I didnt get any blisters at all! All around good boot as Fox usually is!


Holland, MI


Excellent and fast


These boots are perfect for me as i am only a casual rider. They fit perfectly and are exactly as described. Delivery was very fast, only one week to get to Perth, Australia.


Perth, Australia


comp 5 undertow boots 2012 fox


break them in tight in the toes at first but after wearing them they relax a little and they look good wore them around the house for an hour at a time to help break in price is reasonalbe for the quality of the boot


bristol nh.


Great boots


Great all rund boot. comfortable and easy to wear.

Lukey Boy

Canberra, Australia


Fox Racing - Comp 5 Undertow Boot

4.0 9


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