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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

JT Racing - Classic Gear Combo


Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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JT Racing - 2012 Gear Combo

Miss the glory days of motocross that had phenoms of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s such as: Bob ‘Hurricane” Hannah, David Baily, Jeff Ward, Ricky Johnson, and a sea of riders who transformed the sport of motocross into what it is today? JT Racing is back in action with a whole new style. BTO Sports gives you the ability to search through an array of JT Racing motocross combo packages. JT Racing - Classic Gear Combo is a great fit to bring back the nostalgia you may have forgotten about, or teach the youngsters where this sport came from. JT Racing - Classic Gear Combo is designed with a superior air ventilation system that will keep you cool on the track or in the desert. Incorporating a mesh collar for maximum comfort, these Old -school styled JT Racing n - Classic Gear Combo sets will have you reminiscing about the good ol’ days while keeping you looking fresh around the track. JT Racing didn’t bring the old school technology along with these JT Racing - Classic gear Combo set, the JT Racing - Classic Gear Combo line of race wear has a silicone lined drop-tail cut that will keep you jersey tucked in. JT Racing - Classic Gear Combo is a motocross combo package that cannot be passed up. Available in two different color schemes, choose the one that best suits your style before your first ride of the season.



  • Mesh Collar offers maximum airflow and comfort with a neck brace or without.
  • Vented mesh side panels keep you cool under pressure.
  • Provides extra protection and comfort with a neck brace or without.
  • Old school logo (with chrome fill) and reacing stripe graphics.
  • The overall design is clean and classic, with plenty of room for sponsor logos.
  • Tapered design contours to rider's body in riding position.
  • Also features a drop-tail cut with a grippy silicone print to keep your jersey tucked in.

Loved everything and great quality


The prodects were gifts for my son and he loved it all!


Ypsilanti, MI


Mediocre Race Gear


I was excited to purchase this JT gear because of the old school look and that it was an American company. Having JT Racing USA as your brand and having the products made in Singapore was a big let down for me. I wanted to support an American made product. The pants fit great and are very adjustable. They feel like they will hold up for a while and have ample padding. on the other hand ,the jersey and gloves feel very cheap and perform mediocre at best. The stitching in the shoulder pads started coming apart after the first ride and the decals already seem warn after 1 wash. The gloves feel like the seams are going to bust and I do not expect these to last very long. I assumed that the higher price for this gear would equal higher quality but that is not the case. The gear looks great and the pants seem nice but I do not think I would pay full price for this gear again.


Chicago, IL


looks good performs even better


fit is good and wears well very durable


Taranaki New Zealand


Must Have Gear


This gear fits great and looks even better. BTO added my name and number.


Grove City, OH


Awesome design


This gear fit me perfect straight away. The gloves have a nice shammy feel in the fingers so felt great on the levers. The pants have good knee brace space so you are not restricted. The leather is nice and thick not like the other brands I have had, so the braces shouldn't cut through them and wreck you decals on the bike. Super happy with it all and has a unique look compared to all the new gear out there.




20 Years later!!!


I was sponsored 20 years ago by the JT Switzerland distributor, and even if i only got Material, i refused other offers with some money, so much i loved this Stuff! And now, i have a blinking new 07 CR250 R (2Stroke) with Throttle Jockey des nations Team USA Graphics, and the New JT Combo (OK, 2 Sizes larger than back in the 90) hangs left and right on the Handlebar to dry after my first ride. THANKS to the New JT Guys, you fulfilled a dream to me.




The gear to get!


The stuff looks great and wears well. Word to the wise. The gloves run big. Example: order one size down. I wear an XL in all other gloves, but L in JT. Other than that the stuff is great.


Sunny FLA.


JT Racing - Classic Gear Combo

4.7 7