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Acerbis - X-Grip Frame Guard

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Acerbis - X-Grip Frame Guard

The Acerbis X-Grip frame guard serves a dual purpose. First, it allows the rider to protect the frame of the motorcycle from wear. As a frame protector, it keeps the bike in better condition over time. But the genius of the Acerbis X-Grip frame guard comes in adding a second purpose: grip. That's right; not only does the X-Grip serve as an excellent frame protector, it also makes it easier for a rider to hang on to the bike. As the name implies, it’s a frame guard that adds more grip for the rider.

  • The Acerbis X-Grip frame guard allows the rider to both protect the frame of the motorcycle from wear as well as add more grip to the bike to hold onto.
  • It is made from a dual-injected mold.
  • The outer plastic of the frame protector is durable polycarbonate, while the inner plastic is durable (yet pliable) and offers incredible grip.


Acerbis is an upper echelon company that produces high quality and inimitable parts, products, and accessories for motocross riders. Motocross riders know how important it is to use your legs and knees to control the bike in all types of track conditions. Acerbis also understands the importance of controlling your motorcycle on the track, through the desert, or in the dunes, so they have developed an Acerbis – X-Grip Frame Guard to increase your ability to do so. The Acerbis- X-Grip Frame Guard is made from a lightweight polycarbonate outer plastic that is exceptionally durable and can handle the toughest conditions you could ride in. Acerbis – X-Grip Frame Guard gripper plastic is composed of a similar material that is sturdy yet offers unbelievable grip for your legs. What sets the dirt bike Acerbis accessory apart from other frame grips is that it serves two purposes. Obviously the Acerbis –X-Grip Frame Guard is used as a grip to increase control and feel of your dirt bike, but it also is used for protection. As you put in motos, race through the desert, or find yourself on mesmerizing trail rides your frame will be protected from pant and boot wear, scratches, gouges, and allows your bike to remain in mint condition throughout the riding season. This motocross Acerbis accessory is sold in various colors that are designed for specific motorcycles and are incredibly simple to install.