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FMF - Gass Hat

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FMF – Gass Hat

New for Fall 2017, FMF – Gass Hat with a hilarious saying, “Mixing Gas & Hauling Ass” and a FMF men’s 5 panel trucker foam snapback, for a more comfortable custom fit. Now you can show off the humorous side of your personality when you’re out there hauling “you know what.” On the back of the FMF – Gass Hat has mesh back panels with the ‘FMF’ logo and FMF woven label at the snap closure. We highly recommend getting this hat with the FMF - Gass Tee (sold separately) for an extra fun time. Check out all the best FMF products here now at!


FMF with its roots dating back to a garage in Hawthorne, CA, former pro class racer Don Emler’s Flying Machine Factory is steeped in a rich history and heritage that lends it an authenticity and credibility not often found in motorsports. Combining his early childhood passion for tinkering with his love of racing and his natural ability for making things faster, Don transformed a local custom modification hobby into what is now known as FMF the premiere manufacturer of 100% American made exhaust pipes for motorcycles. Widely acknowledged as one of the early pioneers, Don was catapulted to mainstream success, but never lost sight of where he came from or his love of the sport. Since 1973, FMF has been actively involved in the racing community and committed to providing access across all levels of the sport while continuing the maintain the level of innovation necessary to keep them at the forefront of the field. It is the unique history that not only gives the brand a timeless nature but also the contemporary relevance necessary to appeal to spectators, enthusiasts and professionals alike.



  • FMF men's 5 panel trucker foam snapback
  • Mesh back panels
  • Front panel embroidery
  • FMF woven label at snap closure

FMF Fall 2017 Apparel Shoot from FMF Racing on Vimeo.

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