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L%3C%2Fspan%3E%26nbsp%3B%3Cspan%3E184-196cm%3C%2Fspan%3E%26nbsp%3B%286%E2%80%99-+6%E2%80%995%E2%80%9D%29%3C%2Fli%3E%0D%0A%3C%2Ful%3E,:disp_order=117901,:dt_created=1525795486,:dt_updated=1529608556,:formatted_base_price=%24139.00,:formatted_cost=%240.00,:formatted_price=%24139.00,:formatted_retail=%24139.00,:id=22965,:image=graphics%2F00000001%2Fleatt-body-protector-black.jpg,:inv_active=0,,:metafield:description=Leatt+-+Body+Protector+3DF-+Full+body+protection+is+guaranteed+with+this+motocross+gear+from+Leatt.+BTO+Sports+has+the+best+deals+on+all+motocross+gear+and+apparel%21,:metafield:keywords=Leatt+-+Body+Protector+3DF%2C+motocross+protective+gear%2C+dirt+bike+protective+gear%2C+motocross+gear%2C+dirt+bike+gear%2C+motocross+chest+protector%2C+dirt+bike+chest+protector.,:metafield_count=2,:metafields[1]:name=keywords,:metafields[1]:value=Leatt+-+Body+Protector+3DF%2C+motocross+protective+gear%2C+dirt+bike+protective+gear%2C+motocross+gear%2C+dirt+bike+gear%2C+motocross+chest+protector%2C+dirt+bike+chest+protector.,:metafields[2]:name=description,:metafields[2]:value=Leatt+-+Body+Protector+3DF-+Full+body+protection+is+guaranteed+with+this+motocross+gear+from+Leatt.+BTO+Sports+has+the+best+deals+on+all+motocross+gear+and+apparel%21,:name=Leatt+-+2014+Body+Protector+3DF,:original_active=1,:page_id=279,:pgrpcount=1,:price=139,:quantity=0,:retail=139,:taxable=1,:weight=1.25

Leatt - 2014 Body Protector 3DF

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Leatt - Body Protector 3DF

Leatt® 3DF , 3-dimensional impact foam offers a soft and flexible fit, yet instantly transforms into a hard, energy-absorbing protector upon impact. This combination results in a comfortable fit that is not only flexible and lightweight, but also offers premium CE certified impact protection! It also features MoistureCool, a washable fabric that keeps protectors in place, while wicking moisture away from the body to keep you cool! Leatt-Brace® integration, great comfort, great fit, impact tested and CE certified - all in one product.


This is by far one of the most protective pieces of motocross gear on the market. Leatt went all out designing the Leatt - Body Protector 3DF to provide riders with the most protection in one cool, comfortable and reliable article of motocross protective gear. The Leatt - Body Protector 3DF integrates full body protection as the a 3D foam padding in the front and back of the body protector is paired with lightweight CE certified level 1 elbow and shoulder plates and CE certified level 2 back and chest armor to give riders complete body protection . It does not matter if you ride motocross tracks, or rip through the desert trails, this Leatt - Body Protector 3DF is guaranteed to withstand some of the gnarliest crashes and help you get off the dirt and back on the bike. The features that leatt equipped the chest protector/full body protector with will have you feeling like a gladiator preparing for battle, and with the Leatt - Body Protector 3DF’s extremely lightweight design you will be able to ride forever without overheating. Designed with a MoistureCool wicking fabric, the Leatt - Body Protector 3DF will keep you cool, confident and ready to rip up any track or trail you can hit. It is recommended that the body protector be worn below any other gear to allow the MoistureCool wicking fabric to perform at its best and ensure maximum evaporation. The long sleeve design provides maximum protector for your arms and elbows and is engineered with abrasion resistant elbows to give you unparalleled levels of comfort. Keep your Leatt - Body Protector 3DF clean and crisp by removing the 3DF foam before you throw it in the wash and give yourself a nice clean body protector for every ride. Get ready to ride with the Leatt - Body Protector 3DF before you next adventure.



  • 3 dimensional designed for perfect fit
  • Impact tested and CE certified armor  in elbows and shoulders to EN1621-1
  • Impact Tested and CE certified armor on back  to EN1621-2 level 2, the highest level
  • Impact Tested and CE certified armor on chest  to prEN1621-2 level 2, the highest level
  • Lighter weight for greater comfort
  • Abrasion resistant elbows
  • MoistureCool wicking fabric keeps you cooler
  • Easy to wear zip-up compression chassis design should be worn next to the skin for maximum evaporation.
  • Leatt® 3DF foam for premium protection
  • Removable foam for easy washing
  • 3 adult sizes:


  • S/M 160-172cm (5’2”- 5’8”)
  • L/XL 172-184cm (5’8”- 6’)
  • XXL 184-196cm (6’- 6’5”)

good coverage


I'm 5'10" and 175 lbs, male and the L/XL is a good fit. The fabric is very flexible and light. The garment stays positioned well so the armor is in the right places. All the armor fits well to my body but the chest. The chest piece is flat and my chest isn't so the upper corners stick out a little bit. I don't notice it when I ride and under a coat, it flattens. It is cold here and I haven't worn this in the warm, but I wonder if the warmer weather will make the chest armor more flexible and fitting. There are armor pieces on the biceps and I don't think they can be removed as I'm unable to find that they are in a pocket like the rest of the armor pieces. Instructions say to remove armor before washing so I wonder what will happen to these two small pieces in the wash, I don't know yet. Overall, I'm impressed with this protector. The armor stays where it should, it's as comfortable as any protector I own (about 4 other shirts with armor) and it does not have any insulation qualities in the cold weather I've ridden in since I got the shirt. Should be good in the summer.

Husky driver

SW Kansas


Very happy


Great product, good quality, very good price


Central ma


very comfortable and easy motion


Had my first ride with this yesterday on a fairly open woods ride (in other words, not the wrestle your bike over logs, ledges and washouts type of ride). It is much more comfortable than my old hard shelled armor. seems to breath well, but then again, I wasn't working as hard as I typically do. Luckily didn't go boom, so I don't know how it fairs doing what it is supposed to do, as in save your body... I do which there was better sizing information out there. Mine might be tad too large, but my last one was definitely too small, so it might just be the contrast.


SW Colorado


Great soft protection


This is a great product. Stiff padding in all the right places.

Concerned Wife



Spine Protection Foam Issues


I bought this product a few weeks ago. Positives, I do find it very comfortable and its easy getting it off and on, I also think the location and positioning of the padding is good. Major downside though, the spine protection foam broke up into about 4 pieces. This did not happen while I had it on but whilst it was in my bag. So obviously not very flexible foam. So I do like it but make sure you don't bend it.



True to size


I'm 173 cm and 155 lbs. Ordered a Lg/XL and happy with the fit. Good quality item.




I'm not a body builder and these are too big.


Once I get the aller one, I'll love it.

Justin Destruction

Los Angeles, Ca




Excellent product. The body protector is very light.


Lima, Peru


Great product


Nice and comfy protection.




Leatt - 2014 Body Protector 3DF

4.4 9


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