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Snow Bags

Read More About Snowmobile Bags

 Snow bags make traveling in the snow so much easier. They provide the ability to conveniently carry awkward snow gear and equipment with ease. Bags come in many different shapes & sizes and offer a variety of features that meet a variety of needs. Large snow bags offer plenty of space and compartments to store boots, helmets, gloves, jackets and more. Many offer straps that make carrying the snow bags more comfortable. Some of the bags are equipped with wheels, becoming even more convenient. Snow bags can double as a carry‑on option for air travel to a snowy destination. Keeping gear in a snow bag prevents any belongings and property from getting wet after a day in the snow. Storing gear in a snow bag helps to prevent expensive gear from getting lost or damaged while traveling. Bags also protect gear from the elements when not in use. Without a protective bag, unwanted rain or snow could potentially ruin an outing by saturating gear and clothing prior to use.

Snow backpacks are a great storage option for the medium to light traveler. Backpacks are much easier to carry than large duffle bags, at the cost of smaller storage space. They come in various sizes and colors. Backpacks offer a convenient way to carry food and gear while traversing the backcountry in the snow. Snow backpacks can also be used as an everyday travel option. Comfortable straps make them great for walking, hiking or riding. Some models offer lumbar support and sternum straps in case the backpack is worn for long periods of time.  Snow backpacks offer the advantage of storage without hindering movement or performance. Glove friendly zipper-pulls allow easy access to stored items while wearing gloves. Some backpacks include helmet holder attachment in case a situation calls for the helmet removal. Shovel carrying attachments are also useful for rigorous terrain in case a shovel is required to dig or move snow. An air bag system is also a nice feature to have if avalanches are a threat. Snow backpacks are built tough to withstand cold and wet climates.

Hydration packs grant the capability to take long rides in the snow, allowing one to maintain proper hydration levels. The convenience of the backpack design prevents the hydration pack from interfering with any movement. A tube connecting to the water bladder allows one to conveniently hydrate without removing the hydration pack each time. Staying hydrated out in the snow, or the sun, is essential to ensure high performance during long outings. The carrying capacities of hydration packs vary across brands and models, ranging from sixty-eight to one hundred ounces. The hydration pack also includes a minimal amount of storage for tools or cell phones.