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AFX Motorcycle Helmets are a great value, as they offer well-made helmets that put a premium on rider comfort. And they also come at a low price point- so you won’t have to break the bank to get back on the road! From Full Face to Modular, Dual Sport to Off-Road, AFX has the helmet for you! And here at BTO Sports, we have a tremendous selection of AFX Motorcycle Helmets right here in the section below. Get your AFX street bike helmet today!

The AFX Helmets Story

AFX North America Inc. is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of motorcycle, ATV, scooter and snowmobile helmets. Established in 1996, the Cerritos and London based company has enjoyed exceptional growth and currently stands as one of the top helmet suppliers for the North American market.

AFX was born from a growing dissatisfaction with the state of the motorcycle helmet industry. During the mid-90s, the company's founders felt that consumers were receiving less helmet for the dollar than ever before as prices inflated annually without any tangible innovations or improvements to justify them.  Starting from a "clean-sheet" approach, AFX entered the North American marketplace in the fall of 1996 with a product line of 8 reasonably priced, fully featured models. While providing customers with maximum 'bang for the buck' is simple in concept, this approach to product design demands continuous refinements and innovations in helmet design, and improvements in manufacturing capabilities. Over the past dozen years, AFX has proven to be up to the challenge, always staying one step (if not more) ahead of the competition.

Advantageous Structure

Unlike helmet manufacturers who work with agents and resellers, AFX sells its products exclusively to distributors, and only to one per country. In turn, these exclusive distributors sell directly to retail dealers. By conducting business in this manner, AFX has been able to eliminate additional tiers in the supply chain which only contribute to inflated prices and a wider disconnect between the company and its customers. Avoiding needless middlemen allows AFX to provide leading edge helmets at surprisingly affordable prices.

Since that first year, AFX has excelled at finding the right balance between helmet stylishness, functionality and affordability as the product line has expanded to include dozens of offerings. As such, the company has enjoyed strong and consistent growth, thanks in part to a strong distribution network in the United States and Canada, as well as to the enthusiastic response the company has received from dealers who've found that AFX helmets are not only quality products, but hot sellers.

The AFX Difference

Helmet Technology

With AFX, it all starts with the Shell Design. A sleek European influenced shell design constructed using an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy. Another great facet of AFX street bike helmets is the face shield. A flush-fit, one turn quick release screw on face shield that is optically correct, compound-curved, scratch-resistant and protects against UV-rays This is their famed  1/4 TURN FAST CHANGE SHIELD!

Now let’s talk ventilation. Because out on the road- you need to stay cool! 5 points of aerodynamically designed flush fit ventilation with chin, top, rear, and unique side extraction vents. 2 intake vents and 3 exhaust vents. Add to that a chin bar that features a cam pivot, chin bar linkage system with metal latches for ease of movement and security. Now we’re talking!

Most AFX street helmets also offer their inner sun shield; a Flip down inner smoke shield with easy to use side actuation lever. The tech in these AFX street helmets is off the charts. Which brings us to the liner…


AFX helmet liners and cheek pads are made with a hypoallergenic and anti-microbial nylon, most of which are removable and washable. The size of this helmet is based on a combination of four factors: outer shell size, inner EPS thickness, comfort liner thickness and cheek pad thickness. The fit of the helmet can be customized by replacing your existing cheek pads with thinner cheek pads (for a looser fit) or thicker cheek pads (for a tighter fit). The fit can also be customized by replacing your existing comfort liner with a thinner comfort liner (for a looser fit) or thicker comfort liner (for a tighter fit).

Please refer to the shell, liner and cheek pad compatibility chart below. Keep in mind these components can only be replaced inside the group of sizes contained in each size range block.


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