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Alpinestars Guards

Alpinestars Knee and Elbow Guards

Alpinestars is one of the many motocross companies that is known around the world. Check out the Alpinestars guards we have available here at BTO Sports. If this selection doesn’t have what you are looking for, use our search bar to help refine your search to a specific product, or type of products.

 Alpinestars Guards


Alpinestars boomed into the motocross scene after realizing the immediate demand for motorcycle protection. They began by producing hiking and skiing boots in a small Italian town called Asolo back in the 60’s, and quickly transitioned into the motocross scene by developing boots, gear, and motorcycle jackets. They became a staple in the MotoGP world and other road-racing sports and maneuvered their focus to motocross gear, accessories and apparel not long after.

They produce top of the line motocross protective gear and accessories to ensure you are riding safely whether you ride through the streets, blaze through trails, or tear up a motocross track. They have developed a world renowned line of motocross boots, the Tech series of boots, and have also developed other protective gear like motorcycle jackets, riding jackets, and body armor. Their body armor consists of full body protective jackets that will have your upper body ready for battle, and more minute products like elbow, shin, and knee guards.

Alpinestars Elbow Guards

Their elbow and knee guards have been helping professional riders mitigate the life and career threatening injuries like blown out knees, devastating arm injuries, and other season ending injuries that the upper body can sustain. They produce a wide variety of these elbow and knee guards so that nearly every rider can rock their Alpinestars Guards. From The Vapor series of elbow and knee guards to the bionic jackets, you will be able to find something to keep you protected while on the bike.

Elbow guards like Vapor, and Vapor Pro elbow guard is a leading elbow guard for street and dirt riders alike. Constructed from a polymer thermos background, these Alpinestars elbow guards at designed specifically for high performance and comfort. They have an ergonomic design that ensure a precise fit which helps increase the comfort levels of this Alpinestars guard. Along with these elbow guards, the more affordable elbow guards that are for bicycle riding are the Paragon and Moab elbow guards. The Moab Alpinestars Elbow guard is derived from MotoGP as it is constructed with high modulus thermoplastic protectors that give it unparalleled protection for bike riders. It is CE certified so you can ensure you are getting a quality product when choosing Alpinestars protective gear. The Paragon elbow guard is designed with rep-stop material that makes it resistance to ripping and tearing while remaining breathable for adequate airflow. Check them out on this page!

Alpinestars knee Guards

The Alpinestars Knee Braces are one of the many to choose from, but the main reason why most professional riders choose Alpinestars as their leading knee brace is because they are reliable, durable, and have been proven to mitigate leg injuries within this industry. The Bionic knee guard is a slightly bulky knee brace, but allows the rider to have full knee and leg movement while providing impeccable protection. It is made with a ventilated thermoplastic shell with an aluminum knee cup to ensure riders have a high quality knee guard. The Bionic SX is a newer and redefined version of the Bionic knee guard as it is constructed with super-lightweight materials and a complete TPU protector over the knee, shin, and lower thigh. This knee guard is a top choice amongst the masses as it is CE certified, has a inner medial knee cup that utilizes sleek design to give the rider more bike feeling and control.

If you have any questions regarding these products, we are stacked with a friendly team that is more than happy to help you. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will do our best to accommodate your if the product you are looking for is unavailable. Thank you for choosing BTOsports.com!

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