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Bluetooth Helmet

Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet

Are you looking for a way to communicate with friends on a long ride through the desert, open road, or across the countryside? Well BTO Sports has you covered with the Number 1 Bluetooth motorcycle headset. Produced by a top tier company, Sena, these headsets are guaranteed to enhance your riding experience and give you totally new riding experience.

 Bluetooth Helmets

Sena Bluetooth Helmet Headset Technology

Coming to life in 1998, Sena was built from having a passionate and dedicated staff to increasing the limitations of adventure and obsessing over the ideas that will get us there. Their mission is to generate quality theoretical ideas into realities and tweak them ever so gently to produce a product that is capable of receiving the approval of the staff members themselves. Sena doesn’t just deliver products that a freshly out of their womb; they redefine all the technical details and minuscule flaws after giving the products a test run for themselves. Once it gets the proper revisions it needs to perfect, they stamp the Sena logo on it and offer it to the world so everyone is able to purse their most adventurous dreams.

Sena is a company that has a passion for adventure and an obsession with perfection, as so stated on their website. With a little bit of paranoia to be the best, and a passion to produce nothing but high quality motorcycle helmet accessories and technology, Sena brings to you a wide variety of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet headsets. This company is made up of individuals who have a passion for motorcycle riding and incorporating new technological advancements into gear and accessories to enhance everyone’s riding experience. By being riders and technology enthusiasts themselves, the personnel at Sena go above and beyond to bring to you some of the most innovative products to the market.

Bluetooth Helmet

By rethinking the ordinary standpoints of society and integrating intuitive and inspiring ideas from across the world, Sena is able to produce world class technology like Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headsets and Bluetooth Helmets like the INC Helmet, and the Cavalry half Helmet.

The INC helmet is a full faced helmet that is perfect for street bike riders, Harley riders, or those who love their café cruisers as it fully protects the riders face from debris, wind, and other weather elements. On top of that, this helmet is designed with a state of the art Intelligent Noise-control (INC) system that incorporates noise-canceling headphones that still allow you to hear the important sounds like sirens, traffic, and RPMS. What it does is block out the wind noise that can easily impair hearing and other factors that increase the chances of risk with a toggle button that is built into this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headsets

Sena does not only produce Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, they also produce accessories like headsets, mics and intercoms, and cameras to give you full range in customizing and enhancing your ride. Starting with the Sena 20s Bluetooth communication system, this Bluetooth 4.1 system allows you to keep in touch with 8 of your closest riding buddies with crystal-clear HD audio up to 1.2 miles away. By utilizing the Universal intercom protocol, this Sena Bluetooth helmet headset can be used with all Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headsets.

Helping enhancing your ride by delivering perfect audio is the Advanced Noise Control system that Sena integrates into their headset. Along with that, this Bluetooth helmet headset incorporates the Bluetooth 4.1 technology, high-quality Bluetooth speakers, and a dual-module design that delivers a crisp, smooth sound to enhance your riding experience. The slimmer design of this headset is the Sena 10s Bluetooth helmet headset and it has the same features and construction as the 20s, but is limited to 1 mile instead of 1.2 miles and does not come with the multi-tasking capabilities of the 20s.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet accessory

If you are looking the newest helmet accessory technology to enhance your riding experience, check out the 10C motorcycle Bluetooth camera. The 10c is the world first Bluetooth helmet communication system that incorporates a fully function HD camera that as the capabilities of shooting 1080:30fps and 720:30/60fps HD videos, still shots, burst shots, and time-lapses to give you memories of your most exciting adventures. Not only is this a camera with Bluetooth technology so you can listen to your favorite playlist by syncing to your music player, it also you to hear GPS directions or your buddies talk over the intercom. You are able to switch between all the feeds, or just pick one! Pick one of these Bluetooth helmet accessories today and start riding without limits!

Thank you for choosing BTOsports.com for all of your Bluetooth motorcycle helmets and accessories. We have a great inventory of Bluetooth helmet headsets to choose from and if you cannot find the one you are looking for or have any questions regarding Bluetooth helmets or Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headsets, give us a call and we will be happy to help!