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Motorcycle Levers

Clutch and Brake levers and Lever Kits

Clutch and brake levers are some of the most imporant motorcycle parts you can buy. Without proper control of your motorcycle, you will most likely end up in the hospital with serious injuries. These clutch and brake levers will help you increase the grip and control of your handlebars and control levers so you can ride your motorcycle or street bike to the best of your ability.


Street Bike Clutch and Brake levers

We have a great selection of motorcycle brake and clutch levers to choose from. Zeta makes clutch and brake levers that are designed specifically for racing and are tested and engineered with help from professional race teams. As a top choice for race teams, these clutch and brake levers are reliable, durable, and made to win races. They have an aerodynamic design that features wholes along the levers to decrease drag and are made from A7001 and A 6061 aluminum. These levers meet the and regulations of the FIM and MFJ racing standards so you will have no problem running these levers on race day.

We also have a huge supply of the PSR click n Roll Clutch and brake levers.These levers can fit a wide varitey of motorcycles and street bikes such as Aprilia, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, Kawasaki, Buell, and Ducati. These clutch and brake levers are high quality racing levers made from billet aluminum and are designed to be shorty levers. They have 6 adjustable positions to give you the ability to set them up exactly how you want and they are also adjustable on the fly.

Lastly, the CRG and clutch levers are some of the best on the market for various reasons. If you are looking for a reliable, durable, and race ready motorcycle clutch or brake lever, the CRG levers are for you. These levers are perfect aftermarket motorcycle parts to replace your broken or damaged clutch or brake levers. Tired of braking your levers when your bike hits the ground? Well the CRG Folding clutch and brake levers are designed specifically to help prevent braking your levers when this occurs as they are engineered to fold back instead of snap off. Made right here in the USA, you can guarantee you are going to recieve a top quality street bike clutch and brake lever.

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