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Motorcycle Handlebars and Accessories

Street Bike HandleBars and Accessories

Check out BTO Sports’ selection of motorcycle handlebars! All of our handlebars are finished with anodized coatings to maintain the integrity of the bars by protecting them against rust and corrosion.

 Motorcycle Handlebar and accessories

Motorcycle Handlebars

Our street bike handlebars are compatible with most standard-sized clamps and controls. In addition to providing secure knurled endings around the clutch area to maximize control and precision during a ride.

Motorcycle handlebars are one piece of equipment that a rider can really bond with. You end up sticking close to them and hanging on catching air and through hairpin turns—during your greatest challenge moments as a rider. That’s why choosing the motorcycle handlebars that are right for you is so important.

Your motorcycle handlebars need to look good, feel even better, and give you that highly enjoyable riding experience every time. Different kinds of motorcycle handlebars can affect the appearance, comfort, and performance of your ride, so make sure you're getting what's best for you.

Shop For Motorcycle Handlebars

There are plenty of styles out there when it comes to motorcycle handlebars. Some of them really don't get used for anything but street bikes; ape hanger motorcycle handlebars, for example, you just don't see off road! Similarly, beach bars, which also offer a more relaxed position for riding, are less common off road and on the track.

For racing and off road, you're more likely to see clip-ons and drag bars in the motorcycle handlebars department. Especially popular with sport bike riders, clip-ons are really two separate short handles instead of a standard one-piece handlebar. They get attached directly to the fork tube, whereas the standard handlebars would be attached with a set of mounts at the top of the triple tree. Drag bars offer an aerodynamic and forward-leaning riding position since they are nearly straight across.

Changing the height of your handlebars also almost always means needing brake lines, cables, and wires of different lengths too; they need to match up with the switches on your new motorcycle handlebars. As you shop for your new motorcycle handlebars, you might also want to for accessories like clamps, covers, grips, levers, and risers.

 Motorcycle Handlebars

Motorcycle Handlebars and Accessories

BTO Sports carries motorcycle handlebars from your favorite brands. Browse through handlebars from BikeMaster, Canyon Dancer, Driven, Renthal, Vortex, and Zeta. We carry the right motorcycle handlebars for your ride, with lots of styles for all riders.

BTO Sports always offers you top quality at the lowest prices. We are your aftermarket motorcycle handlebars superstore, and we love to ride as much as you do. Browse out our selection of motorcycle handlebars today, and give us a shout anytime with questions.

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